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SeekaHost introduces new Word Press Blog Hosting Control Panel to Launch your Website in 60 seconds

One of the top PBN Hosting service providers in the world is the SeekaHost Ltd.

There are hardly any other web hosts currently offering such high-level services with multiple IP class hosting for bloggers to get online easily, securely, and fast.

The unique Blog Hosting Control Panel will be accessible in the SeekaHost App where users can registertheir domain and get it live in seconds.

They can manage all their blogs in a single interface where they can access theirwebsites in no time. From there users can upgrade plans, add more domains within seconds and access the WordPress dashboard.

Build an Online Presence to Work Remotely

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With the content management system WordPress you can host a domain and get online within a minute, as promised by SeekaHost, an innovative web hosting enterprise. For new and experienced bloggers, this WordPress private blog hosting services solution works with pace online with multiple IP addresses hosting for many WordPress blogs in one place. See how easy it is to use in this short video:

PBNs are one of the key strategies utilized by the SEO community to syndicate web content and for that, using distinct class multiple IP hosting is essential. With offering PBN hosting to thousands of customers for years, SeekaHost has opened its blog hosting site to the market.

After the PBN hosting control panel was initiated, SeekaHost worked to build the WordPress Web Hosting Control Panel with its future utilization.

There are some significant features of the PBN Hosting Control Panel like:

  • Easily accessible PBN Blog List for all your websites in one place.
  • Website data available with one click in your control panel.
  • Manage all your website by raising your support tickets and pay all your subscriptions within your control panel.
  • Multiple IP address classes A, B, and C available, which are key for PBN Hosting.

Why the SeekaHost WordPress Blog Hosting Control Panel?

WordPress powers about fifteen percent of the top hundred websites globally. Many famous companies like TED, CNN or TechChrunchalso utilize it as their business website’s content management system. Old school hosting technologies make it harder for beginners to get online fast. People who never used WordPress before may find it hard to install WordPress and set up their website.

After communicating with the SEO community, SeekaHost has developed the world’s best blog hosting control panel that runs via the platform. Some of the SeekaHost customers have already tested it and love it. Moreover, by using the WordPress Blog hosting control panel, SeekaHost offers people free digital marketing skills training courses that support them to work from home or their desired location via the digital marketing training platform SeekaHost University.

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Top WordPress Blog Hosting Control Panel Features

  • Offers expert provision of virtual private servers.
  • Enables site cloning/migrations.
  • One-click staging sites.
  • Provides better Backups and rollbacks.

Benefits of using the WordPress Blog Hosting Control Panel

  • With a WordPress blog hosting control panel, you have full control of your site(s).
  • The design of your Word Press Website is 100% customizable.
  • With the WordPress control panel, a blog is Built-in and ready to go.
  • It extends the functionality and features of your site with plugins.
  • With the WordPress control panel, you can manage your Website from any computer.
  • By using the WordPress control panel, your site can grow as your business grows.

Get Online and Build something for the Future

With the newWord Press blog hosting control panel you can create the blog or website of your dreams, no matter your vision. Whether you are thinking of starting an online shop or training platform, or whether you’re blogging about your life or career, the internet offers opportunities for everyone that can turn into big businesses and ventures eventually.

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