5 Examples of Augmented Reality Tech for Architecture Construction

AR or augmented reality is a technological innovation that combines virtual things into reality. This revolutionary technology is beneficial for service providers, designers, PMs, engineers, and architects. AR in construction makes it possible to join physical reality with virtual architectural design for the job site.

This fantastic thing not only enhances accuracy, but it reduces errors and increases efficiency in so many aspects of architecture and construction.

By the year 2020, augmented reality has grown so much that the construction industry is adopting this method for all of its projects. With the help of this, the construction sites are avoiding more mistakes and getting an accurate view of the project. It is possible to get a 2D and 3D view of the site or any drawing with AR.

1#) The use of augmented reality

Augmented reality projects computer-related video from the camera. It will show the scenes like a real world, just like a camera shows the visuals through the lenses. With the help of computer graphics, AR shows how the work will look in the future.

AR works to give a 3D picture and a design for the future. This helps architectures to understand the entire design.

The five examples of augmented reality in construction and architecture:

2#) Project Planning

In project planning, AR has become very beneficial as it can transform a 2D plan to 3D, and it will have 3D modeling software and building information modeling. With the help of it, construction companies can create interactive models, build projects based on that overlay and present the same to the clients as a detailed orientation.

This allows them to understand the picture of the project and its outcomes as well. When the companies can engage their clients in this level of engagement, the project becomes possible, and it starts as a cost-effective project as well.

Accuracy is crucial for any construction project, and with AR, this is always possible. Augmented reality allows the team to organize a walk through the entire project before it even starts. It takes care of every detail and the ingredient of the structure. This foresight helps the team to execute the plan properly, and without any glitches in it. It also reduces delays, and the entire thing becomes cost-effective.

3#) Automated Measurements

AR can help in adjusting the spaces in the properties, and it consists of height, depth, and width. Construction companies include this information into the models, and it lets them generate accurate structures and gain a better view of how the project will work out and its looks.

When there is an accurate measurement for the construction project, it ensures efficiency in the entire work, and the company can decide the number of labor and material they will require.

Other than the planning process, augmented reality is developed to gain more insight into automated measurements for field workers. With the help of this technological innovation, employees can automatically take measures of the building models.

4#) Project Modifications

This is another great benefit of AR, and that is project modification. In a manual plan, there are different types of things that are hard to understand. Also, when it comes to modifying them, things get complicated. For these issues, augmented reality helps in the modification part.

It’s easier to make changes as it shows virtual reality through a computer. By the layout of AR, it’s possible to see the places that need modification, and then, it can be changed by the designers. It doesn’t affect the plan, nor it impacts the cost of the project. After the changes are made, workflow gets increased, and there is no chance of material wastage.

5#) On-Site Project Information

As AR combines all digital information with the documents, it becomes easier to get on-site project details. The report includes switches, cutlets, ventilation, walls, pipes, and so many other things that are required for a structure.

This information helps the workers to monitor the project accurately and construction safety topics. Also, they get to check the speed bump on the construction site, as they might have to work on the road. AR helps in the visualization of how the crack would work on a particular area over the way. This will help the vehicles to mode properly.

6#) Proper Teamwork

A construction project requires a considerable part of team collaboration, and it can be the herd of carpenters, managers, designers, electricians, welders, plumbers, and so many other teams. All of them have to come together in one place and work accordingly. When a successful collaboration happens, the project gets fulfilled. With the help of augmented reality, all worker s can get an overview of the plan, so that they don’t get into double about their work, and can help each other in the project completion.

AR is a revolutionary innovation of this era, and it not only helps in the various construction and architectural projects; it also helps the management avoid the dangers of a construction place and the safety of others.

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