The right way to do Instagram automation

Everyone desires to grow their social media presence quickly and this is especially true when it comes to Instagram because getting real followers is not an easy task. No wonder, brands, marketers, and businesses have now turned to Instagram automation software to speed up their processes.

But it can be hard to find the legit tools to grow your Instagram account. This is the reason why you need to know the best practices for Instagram automation. In this article, you will know the right way to do Instagram automation.

Instagram automation

Instagram automation refers to the use of third-party tools to manage your account. This involves carrying out tasks and interacting with other users without your presence. Simply put, Instagram automation can be categorized into two services.

These are services that take control of your front-facing interactions with other users like comments, follows, and likes. The other involves tools that automate your Instagram account behind the scenes, such as reporting, publishing, and


While Instagram automation usually gets a bad reputation, not all the tools are spammy. You can find some tools that offer an authentic activity that doesn’t violate Instagram’s best practices.

With social media automation tools that handle your account’s backend, you can automate posts and publish, especially when your followers are likely going to discover hashtags to expand your reach. In this way, you can automate some pieces of your account without worrying about being considered fake or spam from Instagram.

The Instagram activities ideal for automation

It’s a good idea to know the activities that are suitable for automation and what you should and shouldn’t do. Below are some of the activities that you can automate:


One of the safest front-facing interactions with your followers you can automate is perhaps the likes. This is because Instagram the likes are widely accepted on the Instagram platform as a form of acknowledgment. Click here to learn more about Instagram automation.


Think about this: when you’re using a personal account, you can like something without even knowing or liking the content itself. You can also find businesses that usually like comments and questions from their customers regardless of whether they are positive or not.


Therefore, automating likes can give you a chance to acknowledge more Instagram accounts and put your account in front of more followers. Keep in mind that like is considered as a low-effort interaction, so it may not give you the desired result on its own.


Find followers

Another proactive use of Instagram automation is uncovering who to follow. For instance, you can find some tools that can analyze accounts and hashtags to discover Instagram accounts relevant to your target market. This can happen without you worrying about interactions or going through hashtags, so it can save you time and effort.


Follows and unfollows

The idea behind automating follows is straightforward. You see, the more people you can follow, it means the more followers you can gain yourself. Automation tools usually have some features that you can automate to help your Instagram account have a better follower-to-followed ratio.

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