The Ten Best Copywriting Techniques For Your Brand


Don’t you sometimes find that you can’t get your message across with your texts? It is a very common mistake, but it has an easy solution: apply copywriting techniques. Don’t worry, in this post I’m going to explain everything in detail.


Copywriting is the ability to write persuasively any text, whether for billboards, advertisements or digital media. It is a persuasive writing technique, with a specific objective, that the user makes an action.

So, what is a copywriter? Well, just as a cheese maker is a cheesemaker, a copywriter is a copywriter. In other words, the person who writes texts for different media in a company or agency.



To write a creative copy, you need to know the copywriting or paper writing techniques most used by those of us who work in this field. Here is a summary of the most important ones:


Analyze your buyer persona

How does your audience communicate? How does it talk? Well, that’s how you have to talk. You have to analyze the personality of your buyer persona and learn to talk to him in the same way, so you will connect with him much easier.


For example, if your buyer persona is a young profile, a lover of social networks and alternative, you can’t talk to him/her as “you” or use formal language. A message in a colloquial tone will be much more accurate. Choose the tone of your brand and put it into practice when making creative copy!


Make you feel something, generate emotions

Copywriting consists of writing in a persuasive way so that the user takes an action. Therefore, our texts should not be flat, when the user reads them, they have to feel something, provoke an emotion.


I’m not saying that our texts have to make people cry, but they can move them, make them happy, make them laugh, provoke an impulse.


Appeal to benefits

What would copywriting be without benefits. Users are interested in knowing what they get out of your product or service, what it has to offer.


That’s why in all copy you should talk about benefits, make them clear in a creative way. In copy we talk about features, advantages and benefits. They are different and easy to confuse, but I will explain them to you:

The importance of storytelling

Storytelling is about creating stories around your brand and product/service. It is proven that when you tell a story, it is easier for the user to remember what you are telling them.


It is a creative and original way of writing copy. Storytelling is a world, it has its own characteristics and techniques.

Direct language, the better the better

Don’t give a thousand turns to things, a direct message always works better. Besides, digital media shows us that users pay much less attention to what they read and need quick and direct messages. Be direct but with art, remember that we are copywriters.

Structure matters

Structure your texts! No need to put everything in a convoluted way, you need order or, at least, a disorder that makes sense. In copywriting, there are different techniques as to how to structure copy, whether you put the benefit or a call to action first, or even a question. There are many formulas you can use. Still, the most important thing is to use logic, try to put the main idea always at the beginning. Here are some examples of copy for you to see:

Images also tell something

It is clear that, in digital media and as much as it hurts us copywriters, a picture is worth a thousand words, if we learn to complement the creative copy with the use of images, success is guaranteed.


In addition, it is also the copywriter’s task to write those claims that go into brand creatives. It is a difficult job, because you have to tell something in very little space, but it is not impossible.


Use videos!

A creative copy is not only in the texts of networks or emails, also the texts that appear in the videos are part of the copywriting. A video is a creative way to convey your message. We are in the age of video, take advantage of it!


Testimonials and data

It has been proven that 90% of the headlines are read from left to right. This is an invented fact, but to show you the power of putting numerical data in the copy.


Another thing that works very well is testimonials, they tend to give users the push they need to buy from us.


SEO Copywriting is also a copywriting technique that combines copy techniques with SEO structure and keywords. In the end, it is all about creating texts that have value both for users and for Google.


The professionals who are dedicated to it must have notions of SEO content (keywords, structures…) and copywriting techniques, merging both things into one so that the texts are loved by users and by google.

You already have a lot of information to make your texts engaging and exciting. Copywriting is a branch that needs a lot of dedication and care, you have to practice and take risks with creative things!

I am content write and technical expert at a tech organization. I also do the computer science education through the college. Love to solve the techncal issue through my writing and want to help people to solve their.

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