3 Tools all app developers need

App development is tough. Modern apps are incredibly complex, making use of the latest and greatest software techniques and sophisticated, cutting-edge technology.

If you’re a budding app developer, it can be difficult to know where to get started. While there are services like available for helping during the launch of your app, what tools are there to aid during the actual development process? We’ve three of the best below. Read on to check them out.

Appy Pie

If you’ve always dreamed of developing your own app but have no coding or programming experience, you’ve likely resigned yourself to the fact that your dream will never become a reality. Think again. With Appy Pie, you can build your very own app without the need for any coding knowledge or experience.

The platform uses an ingenious drag-and-drop interface allowing you to put together your perfect app, be it for your own business or just for fun. Once you have finished your app masterpiece, Appy Pie can even help you launch it across the App Store and Google Play Store.


Apple is currently the most popular brand of mobile device, but Samsung is hot on its heels, and the two tech giants have long battled it out at the top.

Some apps are only available on one specific type of device or marketplace, often for technical reasons. However, this can limit the access you have to certain demographics and can prevent your app from reaching its true potential.

Optimising your app for cross-platform functionality can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, which is why many smaller developers chose to skip this step.

By using Appcelerator, you can make your app viable for cross-platform performance in a far more efficient manner. The tool provides a range of testing and analysis tools with real-time reports and insights to ensure the performance of your app remains perfect, no matter what platform or device it is running on.




Designing and developing a visually striking, innovative app is one thing, ensuring that it works perfectly is another. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or unique your app is, if it doesn’t work then people aren’t going to use it.

This is why the testing stage in the app development process is so crucial. Traditionally, this would be done using real-life testers who would spend hours using the app and noting any bugs or glitches in the system. Not only is this approach time-consuming, it’s also extremely expensive, and often not entirely effective.

With Kobiton, you can run rigorous testing processes across all aspects of your app. These procedures are fully automated, leaving you free to concentrate on other areas. Kobiton can test things like functional and visual performance and be used to detect bugs in the system.

The tool is available across a range of platforms and supports major mobile technologies such as Web, Native, and Hybrid.


For app developers today, there are countless tools available to make the process easier. Use one of the tools we’ve listed above to create the perfect app.


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