4 Types of Essays Tech Students Get & How to Write Them


No rule says that only students majoring in the humanities should know how to write essays. Yes, admittedly, most students in the humanities are good writers and the tech students? Not so much. 


It also goes without saying that many tech students don’t enjoy writing, which is probably one of the reasons why they ditched the arts in the first place. 

Sadly, tech students sometimes get as many writing assignments as those in the arts and humanities – it’s all part of academic life. So whether you’re studying Computer Science or Literature, you’ll have to write at some point. That means you have to sit up and learn to write better. 


Luckily for you, we’ve put together four types of essays you should expect as a tech student and how you can write them. 

Four Essay Types for Tech Students

We won’t deny that writing is not an easy activity, and tech-related related writings are particularly stressful. That’s why, sometimes, the only way out is to pay someone to write your essays online. While there’s no harm in doing that, it’s better to know the various types of articles you might have to write in college and how you can successfully handle them.


To get you started, here are four essay types you might be expected to write as a tech student:

Problem Explanation

In this case, you might be asked to write about a particular concern relevant to your field or area of specialization. These kinds of essays are usually simpler to write than others. 

When writing this essay, the first thing to do is to know what kind of issue you’ll be writing about. Don’t try to over impress anyone by looking for something more than you handle. Instead, go for an issue that’s clear, easy to explain, and understand. 


Then, when it’s time for you to write the essay, start by clearly stating what the difficulty is, describe what it means, and give relevant solutions to the concern. 

Technical Definitions

This type of essay is usually common but somewhat complex to write. You can also call it conceptual writing. Here, you have to define some technical terms that are relevant to your field.  Since it’s a technical kind of writing, you need to be very familiar with the terms you’re defining or explaining. Not just that, you also have to be able to explain these terms in your own words and in a simple manner so that readers who aren’t familiar with that field can understand. 

Most times, lecturers assign you this task to know how much you’ve learned in your course so far. Since you can’t afford to show signs of ignorance on the subject, you should first do thorough research on the topic. 


When it’s time for you to start writing, define the terms in your way and in a very simple manner. The best thing to do is keep those definitions short and straight to the point. 

Real-Life Examples

Technical studies deal a lot more with practical than mere theory. Hence, you might be asked to give real-life examples about a subject. 


This kind of essay requires you to do a lot of critical thinking and carry out adequate research. You should search out more than enough real-life examples and pay more attention to those closely related to the topic or issue at hand. 

Concept Explanation

Generally, you have to explain how stuff works to an audience that doesn’t know anything about it. That means you need to be knowledgeable about what you’re writing and present it in such a way that any layman will understand.


You also require being creative enough to come up with explanations that will best describe the concept. 

How to Write These Essays

From the simplest to the most complex kinds of essays you might be required to write, you must know precisely what you’re doing. These are some ways you can brush up your writing skills and deliver some of the best papers there are:

Carry Out Proper Research

You honestly can’t take research out of writing. In fact, to write better, you need to be able to do more research. As a student, there are so many benefits of good research, and one of them is that it will help you write better while also saving your time. 


An excellent way to carry out good research is to find information from reliable sources. You can use academic search engines to make this easier; these search engines will only supply you with relevant data.

Read Well

You can’t be a good writer without learning the act and art of reading, and tech students are not exempted from this equation. One of the reasons many of you find it challenging to write well is because most of the things you have to write about aren’t things you aren’t familiar with. And the best way you can get better at tech writing is by reading more materials on different tech-related topics.


You’ve probably heard this more than enough times, but for emphasis’ sake, remember that “practice makes perfect.” Nobody got it right the first time. It takes a lot of practice to get better, and that includes writing. The more you write, the better you’ll become. It’s that simple!

Plan Adequately

It’s easy to simply start up your computer and start typing away, or pick up a pen and scribble away. However, it always pays to have a detailed outline before you begin writing. Doing this will help you write faster without experiencing roadblocks somewhere in your essay.

Also, planning helps you know what progression your writing should follow. That way, you would know where one point should appear and what should come after it, and so on.

Edit Your Work

Don’t be deceived – your first draft will be nowhere near perfect. And that’s completely normal. This is where editing comes in. Going through your work again and giving it to someone else to help you proofread is a sure way to correct whatever mistakes you made while writing. After you’re done editing, then you can be sure that you’re submitting a near-perfect essay.


Yes, writing can sometimes be overwhelming, but it’s better to get it done as soon as you can. That will save you a lot of stress. And if you can’t handle it, you can always reach out to top-rated essay writers.


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