5 awesome technologies redefining the workplace

Technology in the workplace continues to evolve at a rapid speed.  This has forced organizations to shift their operations considerably in an effort to stand out in the increasingly competitive marketplace. Indeed, technology at the workplace has become a critical component of any business hoping to cultivate digitally-led workplaces or stay afloat during tough financial moments.

Highly advanced technological developments are reshaping the workplace by making business operations more integrated and streamlined. But don’t take our word for it, here are 5 awesome technologies that are redefining the workplace:


Chatbots in various fields such as healthcare are revolutionizing the workplace for the better. In the last couple of years, super-smart algorithm powered voice and text-based interfaces have grown in huge numbers to become a force in healthcare, as well as other industries. Specifically, Chatbots in healthcare have significantly eased the burden on doctors in primary care while ensuring patients take better care of themselves.

Chatbots in healthcare are even surpassing the healthcare to involve feelings like empathy. Know someone that’s suffering from loneliness? There is a chatbot that you can chat with and tell everything about your comings and goings.

Such Chatbots connect meaningfully with the users, showing elements of empathy while allowing the user to talk about their challenges in exchange for counseling- just like a real-life therapist or psychologist does. Chatbots are now acting like digital personal assistants that help to improve organization, management, and efficiency at all levels.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been a godsend to modern workplaces everywhere. AI is designed to handle the mundane, thus freeing up the workforce from repetitive tasks. This leaves employees more open to exercise their creativity and focus on getting more impactful tasks done.

Basically, what AI has done for modern employees is allow them to concentrate on the more engaging aspects of their jobs, therefore making staff members more productive than ever before. AI is transforming both the competitive setting as well as the customer expectations to create a culture shift in most businesses.

As AI continues to become increasingly incorporated into our workplaces and modern lives, it is bound to profoundly upend our lifestyles. Therefore, even though AI has presented lots of opportunities to exploit, it has also presented very unique challenges that business leaders must deal with. AI is changing the workplace as we knew it and leaders must do everything they can to adapt.

Virtual reality

It is estimated that in the next five years, the virtual reality market will have grown to an estimated %5o billion. That’s why companies such as Google and Facebook are betting on the production of virtual reality software, hardware, as well as content. VR technology is also set to make a considerable impact on modern workplaces across the universe.

Various industries are incorporating VR in their operations in different ways. One thing is clear in all scenarios though, that VR is helping to make operations more effective. Nonprofit organizations, for instance, are relying on VR to encourage donors and volunteers to sign up in numbers. Similarly, businesses are using VR to help employees better understand the customer journey by simulating the daily life of forthcoming customers.

And as remote work continues to become the norm rather than the exception, virtual reality will make it easier for employers and employees to connect digitally. For instance, social platforms such as Facebook already have virtual reality chatrooms that are open to the business community.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has been around for some time now. So as you can imagine, the cryptocurrency market has experienced numerous changes in the last couple of years. But despite the massive growth that the market has experienced, it’s safe to say that a lot of individuals still do not understand how the digital currency world works and its impact, if any, on our lives.

The truth is that the digital currency’s basic foundation, which is Blockchain, has rapidly been adopted by a huge number of businesses and corporations. Technology is not only changing how industries work, but it is also creating lots of new jobs in the process.

The first established and probably most well-known cryptocurrency thus far has been Bitcoin. However, in the last decade, more than 1,5000 various currencies have been introduced to the market due to a surge in demand.

Cryptocurrencies offer businesses numerous benefits including the ability to carry out quick and anonymous transactions all over the world. Such currencies are also more secure and more transparent than most online transactions all while offering reduced operating costs.


5G connectivity is becoming more widespread by the day and enterprises and businesses of all shapes and sizes have been forced to gear up for the next big thing in mobile technology. 5G is the 5th and newest generation of the mobile network that promises the power to unbridle unparalleled levels of change in the modern workplace.

Imagine taking part in meetings where 3D holograms allow staff to contribute ideas in real-time on a digital board, thus enhancing collaboration between remote teams. Or managing inventory at a huge store where smart shelves are automatically wired to detect low product inventories so that replacement orders can be issued before the product runs out.

5G truly has the power to unlock all these capabilities that were once the stuff of fiction movies. With 5G, businesses should expect to become more efficient owing to increased speeds and a boost in data. Day to day functions such as recruitment, collaboration, and remote work will also be greatly enhanced thus making for a better, more modern workplace.

Final thoughts

Technology’s impact on the modern workplace is undeniable. Technology will continue to transform the modern workplace as time progresses. As such, it is up to businesses to keep up with technology’s constant evolving pace.

This is the only way to secure a businesses’ productivity, security, and profitability. By implementing new technological solutions and facilities, businesses can keep up with the looming changes as they present themselves.

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