Dating While Still Hanging on to the Feelings of Your Ex

Harboring feelings for exes is nothing uncommon and even with that being said it can become complicated moving forward. Some folks begin dating again simply to spite their exes, or from confusion. Others date because they are lonely and want to fill a void. The problem lies in how the new partner will inevitably be treated. Most dates that come after a miserable breakup are filled with too much emotion.

The ups and downs can become increasingly challenging for both partners. While still holding on to such strong feelings, you might run across some hot babes on Goldenbride and turn a perfect relationship into a nightmare. The point remains that holding on to the feelings of your ex can never bear good fruits moving forward. Here are a few things to take note of before jumping into a new relationship.

1. Rebounds

When you jump into a new relationship soon after the previous one ended dismally, it could simply be a rebound. It implies you are seeking some temporary fling, and not anything serious. This is bad for both partners. The new partner might be seeking something serious yet all you need is a shoulder to cry on, and some eye candy.

2. Oversharing

 When you decide to share about your past relationship, there is a chance the new beau might walk away. This could be for several reasons, including signs that you are not over your ex. When sharing about previous relationships people get scared, especially when there are red flags. Keep in mind that your background is important for your new partner, but it can also be problematic.

3. Aggressiveness

You might be feeling overwhelmed to jump into a new relationship, with new feelings and butterflies in your stomach. This might sound all rosy, but it could lead to problems. Relationships should be fun, not forced. They should also flow naturally without having to walk on egg shells or change your standing constantly.

4. Closure

If you never got closure from your ex, and have strong feelings about what could or didn’t happen, perhaps you should refrain. It means there will be times when you push your partner to do stuff they cannot do. This might be moral or emotional support, but it can also be financial support.

5. Expectations

Remember that your ex might have missed out on a few things, perhaps chances to make you happier. If you still feel he/she didn’t live up to expectations perhaps you should take time off dating. This is because the new partner might bear the brunt of what they previous partner could not. It also means your partner might never live up to expectations. Having to constantly live in someone else’s shadow can be frustrating.

Bottom Line

There are several reasons you should avoid new relationships while still holding on to your exes. Try a new hobby like skiing in the winter, bungee jumping, skateboarding, or ballroom dancing. The idea is to find something other than love or lustful fun to fill the void.

Keeping a new beau simply to spite the old one is timewasting and hurtful for everyone involved. Long as you think about your ex when you are with your new babe, chances are you are not over them. It is thus important to take time off dating and perhaps do some soul-searching. You could be the one responsible for the previous breakup. 

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