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Welcome gamer’s, You are on the right way of finding the games like Total war.

I prepare a complete document fill up with these options related to games like total war. You are also here to see such kind of games and their alternatives. These games will offer you a tremendous feeling of enjoyment and pleasure.

As you know, Total war is a PC war game, but you know how people are looking for games that belong to all platform. You can take the example of any game that is popular belongs to the all platform in the modern world.

After remembering such kind of things, I will prepare a container with lots of paid and free games like Total War.

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Importance of Games Like Total War

Guys, you will get lots of game in this content that will give you feel similar to war games. People love war games because as you know, we listen to many war stories in our childhood that give us a thrill about war situations. So, these simulation war games offer us an exact environment to get that thrill.

When I bored from my daily routine, I will play some total war like games.If you are reading this content, then I think we both are in the same way.

I collect a full bag of war games for every OS like Windows, Android, and iOS. My list of games can tick every requirement you want in these games.

So, In case if you did not know about the war game then first read this little intro about it and in another example just skip next step and will go to the description of the game.

What is Total War Game

Playing games nowadays is considered to be the best time pass. And when the game is like Total War, then it is worth playing. This game published by Electronic Arts, Activision and Sega. Total war is available on almost all the platforms like Android, PC and other.

You will be surprised to hear that it has 13 series of the main games and also four series of the span of games. If you talk about the full set, then it has sold over 20 million copies in the market.

This war game designed for those who are the lovers of war history stories and war environment. Total war gives you a feel of the leader of the full-fledged Army.

The Battles of this game feel to be realistic but if you are looking for more options in the category of sets like Total war. Now I am going to tell you about top 12 alternatives of the Total War game.

Games Like Total War

1.) Knights of Honor

Knights of honor places first in my house of games like Total war. The genre of this video game is a real-time strategy that is RTS game.

It’s launching was done in the year 2004 in Europe and the year 2005 in North America and Australia. The story of the game depends on medieval Europe, and the background is entirely historical.

The player has the option to choose to play as one of over 100 kingdoms.

2.) Mount and Blade

Mount and blade is a role-playing action game, and the platform for this game is Microsoft Windows. This game came on the market in the year 2008.

The reviews till now of this game have been quite positive, and it has praised overall. The drawback of this game is its low graphics quality. Several sequels have also released this gaming series.

You can create your own personal for combat. King of their own treats them like an enemy in the plot of Mount and Blade. You can buy this game from many game stores for windows platform.

3.) Imperial Glory

Imperial Story is a real-time tactic base game that released in the year 2005. The background comes in the Napoleonic era. This game allows users to choose one of the great Empires to rule and chance to become own kingdom’s lord. This Game is one of the most popular matches of Total War series.

It is available for both types as single player and multiplayer option. In this games, you will part of the hand to hand combat and diplomacy. You can create your fort and other buildings in this total war alternative. Check Games Like Farmville for farming simulation games.

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4.) Ultimate General

This game is a series of American Civil War and the skills you need to play this are the tactics. Ultimate general is an excellent example of civil war simulation games, or I can say one of the best. It is available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms and published in the year 2014.

It includes historical battles, units, and events. There are two main series of this gameplay one is Gettysburg and other is civil war. Ultimate general offers the feel of many real battles, and civilian combat happens in the past.

So, you can get the experience that will create a thrill inside of your mind.

5.) Crusader Kings 2

CrusaderKings 2 is the strategy game which set in the middle ages. The release of this game started in the year 2012, and a Linux version has also been released for this game.

Surprisingly over 1 million copies of this game have been sold. The game is said to be a dynasty simulator. In this games, you will find some exciting story of genetic info and education.

There are some significant facts like marriage partner choices, empowerment and other that will make your life enjoyable.

6.) Civilization 5

Civilization 5 builds a game franchise named as Firaxis games.

The users get a chance to lead a Civilization from Prehistoric Times. Several expansion packs of the game have also released. It is based on turn-based strategy and is available in both single and multiple options.

You can choose any option in this game as the country, your liberal side, and others. Civilization 5 gives me the same environment of gaming like Total war. I always want this game in Games like total war.

7.) The Kings Crusade

The King’s Crusade is a real-time strategy game. The player gets the option to play a campaign scenario, and this game also includes the elements of role-playing. This game was released in the year 2010 and is available for all the windows platform.

8.) Napoleon: Total War

This game is a real-time tactics video game and was started releasing in the year 2010. It is the 6th part of the Total War series. Users get a chance to assume the role of Napoleon Bonaparte.

It published by one of the most experienced game developers Sega.

9.) Total War: Rome 2

This game is a strategy game developed by Creative assembly team, and Sega published it. The critic provided this game with positive reviews, but it faced several technical problems after its release. Even after such issues, it became a commercial success.

10.) Total War: Attila

Attila is the 9th game in the series of Total War. The game begins with the transition to the migration period. Users get to feel the leadership of Huns. They released it in the year 2015.

11.) Total War: Shogun 2

The background of the game takes you to the 16-century Japan. This game gives a different feel after its several series giving the feeling of Europe. It was released in the year 2011 and published by Sega.

12.) Total War: Medieval 2

This game provided real-time technically oriented battles and released in the year 2006. Medieval 2 also includes the Kingdoms expansion pack.

This total war alternative offers you the focus on medieval Warfare, religion, and politics in the countries of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. You can also check games like zwinky.

games like total war

Other Games Like Total War

So,guys its not end of my list of games like total war. I also have other option that you can also look for. In below content, I am going to give you a short details of them. You can also check them for your games like Total war. This post can be add addition resource – Best Gaming Laptop review and buyer guide.


Thanks for checking my all games like total war, I always love to give amazing information. You can share this content with others. Please comment below for questions and suggestions.

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