Games Like Runescape – 15 Games For MMORPG lovers

Games like Runescape offers an excellent source of entertainment in my empty time for many folks. Fantasy and adventure are the two prime feelings that guys want to go through in present time. In the gaming world, Everybody always focuses on fantasy, adventures, and story-based games.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing game (MMORPG) is the new trendy category of the gaming era from last decade. Runescape like games are also part of this table of MMORPG, and these games are also favorite among the online gamers. As I think, you also want to be the part of these role-playing games.

As you know, Runescape is a multiplayer role-playing game with a considerable audience in present time. There are many other games like Runescape exist for people who may bore from Runescape or want to explore the more Runescape like games. in both choices I am with you and want to give you the best alternatives of Runescape game.

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Games Like Runescape

Jagex is the publisher of Runescape. In 2001, they came with this fantasy game in the gaming world. Runescape game offers you a big packet of entertainment with many kingdoms, large ships and different type of monster options. This MMORPG game appeared as a browser game in its initial days, but now it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. As the number of the audience or popularity wise it is the best multiplayer role-playing game in the world right now.

So you got the information, and now I will start with the options that fulfill the conditions for these option as similar to Runescape game. I chose only that option that matches the level of Runescape.

Games like runescape

1. AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds is my favorite in all of the game like Runescape. This game only supports Windows platform, and it is an entirely browser-based game. In this game, you need to choose your category of roles like the warrior, healer, and some others. This game organizes you many events on many auspicious days, so you can not bore with it.

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There are many levels you need to clear that is also a big plus point for people who love some thrilling experiences. AdventureQuest Worlds story is based on a war between the God and evil, and you are a hero in this game who is saving the world. So, all these experiences of an MMORPG game amaze you in an extensive range.

2. Arche Age

Arche age is another option for online games like Runescape. In general, this game is a combat base system. In it, you find a combat setting on a desert looking field. You need to battle to escape through it and lead to the combat with the help of ships and other fighting equipment. You also get an excellent relive after play this game from your stressful life and thanks me.

It is a vastly playable game in the whole world. So, you can attack other people region that is available in his game. Competiton from worldwide gamers also make it a fascinating choice for Runescape like games.

There are many other options in Arche age like farming, housing, questing, crafting and glitters. You can also find some other additional things interesting as criminal justice option, route trading and some physical things like mountain and pets.

3. Eden Eternal

This game is the prime choice for people who also love to watch anime and its related stuff. You can not find this game out of the league of MMORPG games like Runescape. Firstly You find some races in the game like human, Zumi and three others.

According to story and gameplay, you need to surpass the particular stage according to your chosen character, and that will transfer you in next stage of that particular character. Eden Eternal is all about a guy that found in a blue box with a total memory loss began his life and found his past life experiences in the way of this journey.

So, This storyline looks exciting, and you can not get bored until the end. To go to the next level, you need to earn coins that also know as guilds in this game. This game like Runescape is only supporting Windows platform.

4. Drakensang Online

So, you reach 4th option of browser games like Runescape. In my opinion, you are enjoying the journey till now. It is available for two platforms one is windows, and other is Mac OS. Drakensang Online is also a quality option in role-playing games related to battle.

In this game, you need to choose a character from choices like the ranger, dread knight, and two others. After choosing your role, you can proceed with this game. If you love chat option in your game and want to talk with other gamers from worldwide, then this game like Runescape keeps that option for you.

You can also earn guild to develop alliances and other stuff. In my opinion, you can not feel low for a second when you will be playing this game.

5. Aion

Aion Online is also a top-rated MMORPG game similar to our Runescape Game. The full name of it is Aion the tower of eternity. NCSOFT is the publisher of the game Aion, and they produced it in 2008. To proceed in Aion game, you need to train in the various skill that requires next level. This thing looks very interesting for many folks.

In this game like Runescape, A system name PvPve need to follow for your various battles and wars for forts. There are many other classes, and game schemes exist to entertain every type of user. You can enjoy things like virtual flight for battles, crafting and questing for other stuff.

In the real sense, If you love Runescape, then Aion is not a bad option to try as an option of skill leveling games like Runescape.

6. League of Legends (LOL)

League of legends is a great option in my box of games like old Runescape. You can play this game on your Windows Pc or MAC OS based system.

This Runescape game alternative is not disappointing you on any stage or level of the game with its thrilling storyline and spontaneous moments. According to the storyline of LOL, you need to choose a character of summoner that controls a legend of the various kind of battles and skills. This legend fight against the other player’s that contain army or group of fighters.

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In LOL, you need to get the fort or place of the other enemy, and if you get it, then you will declare as a winner. There are many fantastic types of equipment like maps, game type, and some others available at many stages of League of Legends. So, in my opinion, you will find you require thing with this game that fulfills all condition of pc games like Runescape.

7. Rising Force (RF)

So, guys, You reached the seventh option of games like Runescape classic. In my opinion, if you did not get your option for Runescape like games, then please continue to read. In the end, you will get that best option of Runescape like the game.

Rising force does not disappoint you as an option in this list of best games like Runescape. RF is a 3D MMORPG game that designed by CCR international and produced in 2004 for window OS.

In this game, as similar to other you need to choose a role and need to fight against the strong monsters. These fights give you lots of coin according to your performance. After getting the sufficient coin, you will promote to the next level. In this game, you find things like assertive maps, various environment, and others.

8. Rift

Rift is the prime choice for many writers and gamers, but I put it on this position because that helps me not to decrease the attention of you folks. You get interested in the complete content. This game keeps similar functioning as Runescape like Fantasy game, MMORPG game and available online or on windows platform.

So, it is a right matchup and top-ranked in the list of runescape like games. There are some planes thing which ruled by the various armies. You play a role of a soldier who enters in the place name Telera to win the mind of dragons to beat the defenders and want to get back it.

RIft has two type of character one is the guardian, or another one is Defiant. You also meet various other categories of roles as high elves, Methoians, and some others.

9. World Of Warcraft (WOW)

Wow is another excellent game to fill up the list of Runescape like games. As you experience, wow is the second best MMORPG game after the top option as Runescape. Before starting this game there are two options one is character based and the second one is session based.

To play more levels, you require acquiring many talents, skills, and experiences. In this game you also involve in professions like blacksmithing, crafting and resource gathering. Wow is fill up with many combine composition of the team up with another guy that increase your power and strength in this game against your enemies.

If you want to play this game, then you need to pay some charges for subscription and also need parental permission in case you are a kid. So, enjoy this multiplayer online role-playing game with your friends and other group members.

10. Ran Online

Min Communication launched this game in the market in 2004. In the start, it launched for Korean, but after some year it came in the worldwide market.

After that Ran acquired a great success as an MMORPG game option worldwide. In Ran online, you can wear many outfits of various pets, animals, and warriors. After Choosing the outfit you also get their powers, and skills to use in battles and various other things. Ran will never bore you with its gameplay and experience.

There are other exciting terms as nail arts, destiny boxes and men or women accessories involve with this massive multiplayer game.

11. Cabal Online

Cabal Online keeps a significant place in the container of 3D MMORPG games like Runescape. There is a fictional place name Naverath to play the whole game. Cabal’s storyline based on the idealistic fighters and their action to save the world.

As you know, In mostly all MMORPG you get two situations one is the war between you against any other player and second option contain the fight versus environment things like dragons, animals, and other stuff. You feel the same when you will play cabal online.

Cabal online contains the many classes of your role as warriors, bladder, force archer and two or three others. To fill this high-level drama, you require playing this MMORPG game.

12. Royal Quest

Royal quest is also involved in the matchup of games like Runescape. This game is all about the golden goddess and vicious black alchemists. In this game, you find the concept of souls, death, and other black magic things also. These things and schemes excite many folks and if you are one of them then enjoy Royal quest as a massively multiplayer RPG.

13. Everquest

Everquest is my personal favorite as an option similar to Runescape. You can not miss EverQuest from this list of RuneScape like games. Everquest is a Fantasy and theme based game for people who love MMORPG.

In this game, you can create an avatar from a vast range of character list. In this list, you find various kind of elves, humans, dwarves, barbarians, and others. After selecting your avatar, you need to survive in the world of Norrath and others by fighting.

There are many levels of your avatar according to the system of the game. Everquest keeps a vast range of versions with various names.

14. Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online is a steampunk and fantasy game that engage its audience with some terms like the vehicle of destructions, fast-paced action and various kind of battles. You can not miss this whole experience if you are a passionate gaming guy or love RPG games.

15. Villagers and Heroes

This game is last option in my article of games like Runescape. So, if you reached here then also try this game to fulfill your fantasy of saver. Villagers and heroes are also same MMORPG game as our other options on this list.

In this game, you need to choose a character of hero that save the villagers from some monsters. The whole story of this Game is lying between the saver and destroyer concept.


So, after finishing the extended typing now, I am feeling the little bit relaxed that I give you the right option to choose between these games. You need to pick one by one and try till the list end. These games have a full potential to be a part of games like Runescape.

Please tell me how is your experience with these game and my content in the comment down below. Share this article on social media that is the appreciation of my hard work. Thank you

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