How Rugs Elevate Your Office Aesthetics

Your chosen office rug can make or break the look of your office. Not only can they add colors and designs to a room, but they can also change the perspective and visually define the dimensions of your office. The perfect rug can elevate your office aesthetic depending on its placement, size, material, and color. 

You can also find Rug Wash Specialist services if you plan to use a beloved rug, place it in your office, and improve its visual aesthetic. These old rugs can still be perfect if they match the room and conditions. If you’re planning to put a carpet in your office, consider some factors mentioned below to help make it upgrade the look of your office. 

The Right Office Carpet Size

Choosing the proper size and placement of your rug is critical when making sure it fits in nicely in your office and look more pleasing. Some of these rug sizes work well with different furniture present in your office. A 4’x6’ rug works well for writing desks. You can opt for a 4’6’ or 3’x5’ office rug for a computer desk.

An 8’x10′ carpet can be a perfect match for huge executive desks. A corner desk may have a 4’x4’ square rug to match, and a floating desk works with either a 4’x4’ square carpet, 3’x5’ rectangular rug, or a 4’ round rug. The rug size can also depend on the placement, whether it’s supposed to cover the whole furniture or separate room sections.


Finding The Right Material

Another factor to consider for your office rug is its material. Some of the options you can choose and decide from are:

  • Synthetic fibers – are suitable for office rugs as they are low pile, and materials such as chairs can roll appropriately over them. They are also a lot affordable and are usually the most available choice.
  • Cotton rugs – are also good since chairs and wheels can roll over them smoothly. However, cotton rugs tend to move a lot, so you may need adhesives for this type of rug in your office.
  • Wool rugs – also have a flat weave suitable for office use. Some of these are Oriental or Persian rugs with a tight fiber weave making them an excellent option.

While there are suitable materials for rugs, there is also some material to avoid. Some materials to look out for and put aside when choosing an office rug are:

  • Natural Fiber Rugs – usually have a high pile made from seagrass and jute materials. The high weave may cause the rolling chairs to get stuck in an office setting.
  • Shag rugs and flokati rugs – have high piles and fibers as well. As a general rule of thumb, lower pile rugs are better and more efficient for an office setting with people walking around and for office chairs.
  • Raised patterns on rugs – may also be caught in the office chair and cause them to be stuck on the wheels, making it not the best option when choosing an office rug.

It’s best to avoid these rugs to prevent any nuisance or accidents.


Choosing A Rug Color

When choosing a rug color, it is best to decide on the theme of the office. If you are looking for an option to set your rug in, here are a few colors to choose from:

  • Red can make people feel stimulated and active, or it may be irritable and aggressive when used too much. Also, it is easy to draw attention but can be hard on the eyes when used excessively. Use red rugs with discretion. 
  • Yellow is usually the least opted option, as bright shades can make the office look cheap and mellow shades are dull and not eye-catching enough. It can also trigger feelings of disorientation in people.
  • Blue has a good office reputation and is often trustworthy and reliable. It also has a calming effect and is easy and relaxed on the eyes, making it the best option for your office rug. 
  • Pink is also a color that most office decorators avoid. Unless it matches the theme of the office or compliments the wall color, pink can make a neutral-colored office look dull or distasteful.
  • Brown, an earth color, signifies stability and strength when placed in the office. An excellent brown rug can be the best option for your office, especially when paired with rich wood furniture.
  • Green is also an excellent color that can give the office a fresh vibe. Like blue, it has a calming effect and may even boost productivity. Green is also recommended to lessen eye fatigue from looking at digital screens all day.


When choosing a rug to improve the look of your office, it is essential to be mindful of factors to consider, as outlined above. The material makes sure it is comfortable, and no chair or wheels get stuck, and the color and size for its most optimal look and feel.  


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