How to combine pdf files easily


The internet has become anindispensable component in the business and individual worlds. Without the network, most industries cannot function as the foundation of their business is laid on the advancements of technology. But the digital world is an unsafe place where every confidential data of your company or clients can be misused or stolen right under your nose. The security of your private information, however, tightened, can be hacked with modern applications and techniques. So, every field has to protect its files and data in the most secure way possible without thinking about its budget unavailability.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the ubiquitous file format used in everyday business activities created by Adobe Systems. The file is the primary source for any printing or designing happening in the organization, leading to a paperless office. The PDF files can store data in this format for a very long time, and it uses compact space on your storage.

The major properties of using PDF files in any industry are:

Advantages of PDF:

  • The format is compatible withevery device available like Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac and opened in the same way the user has sent it.
  • The software (Adobe Acrobat Reader) to open pdf files is usually pre-installed on your device and available for free to use.
  • The pdf files cannot be edited easily and also can be password protected, giving the business industry significant security.
  • The PDF is flexible and can be converted to DOCX (Word document) for any modifications and then converted back by the creator.
  • While sending the files between persons through emails, the owner can give permissions to allow the person to either edit or just view the file.
  • The PDF is an ideal choice for every international business as the document can be sent to any country in any font, and it willalso display the exact same way on the receiving end.
  • The pdf files can add text, audio, video, images, and other graphics in the document, serving as a multi-media tool.

Combining multiple pdf files:

The previous versions of pdf files had restricted themselves to only text in their document, eliminating the need for combining many pdf files. The latest versions allow the user to add audio, video, photos, graphics, and other stickers to the document for essential purposes. Hence, the need for combining multiple pdfs into one.There are many online platforms and applications to do this for free, like pdfunlimited. Choose the platform that provides you secure access to the files for downloading them after merging and does not let the website store your file in its server.

The steps to be followed to merge multiple pdf files are as follows:

  • Click on the ‘choose files’ option or drag and drop the file into the app to select the pdf documents from your device.
  • To add more pdf documents, click on the ‘Add files’ option.
  • If you had uploaded the wrong files into the app, click on the “Start from Scratch” option to remove all files from the app.
  • The files will appear for editing in the small previews section.
  • To change the layout of the files, just click on any file and drag it to the desired position with the cursor.
  • If you wish to delete a single pdf file in the editing section, move the cursor over the file and press the ‘X’ button.
  • Position the files in the correct sequence and then click on the ‘Merge PDF’ button to initiate the combining process.
  • Once the merging process is complete, the file might download automatically into your device, or you can also choose the folder where you want the new pdf file to save in your system.

The pdfunlimited or PDF Unlimited is a private-oriented PDF tool that can also combine your pdf files into one for free and protects your privacy.There are many applications like the above on the internet but make sure they are secure before using their services.

The significant advantage of sending a combined PDF file is that the user has to send only a few attachments to the other person, and it is easier to share, send, review and archive in this format.


The PDF is the most readable format for most people in the world right now due to its impressive professional touch and display. The user can organize the merged files in an effortless manner for improving the readability content and other business purposes. The document can add page numbers, headers, footers, bookmarks on the PDF to navigate the user easily and sometimes add watermarks or backgrounds (icons or symbols) to establish a brand name. PDF is the most popular format in the world and also across various platforms.



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