How To Get More Twitter Followers?

Do you know what is one of the most shameful questions along the gen z as well as among the brands? It is “how many Twitter followers do you have?” or how to get more twitter followers

In this world where followers and following have been successfully dominating one’s reach, not finding the audience to follow you back can cost one, especially brands and social influencers, a lot.

Twitter is all about voicing the unheard by embroiling the important social milieu trends. So having an adequate amount of followers means making your voice heard and making it reach far.

So what would you do if we told you that you could gain thousands of followers by only following some tips and tricks or using twitter analytics tools?


While you may think it is a vanity metric, the increase in followers will decide the influence it will create on the industry signaling the audience while leading the customers with interest. So if you are one of those who want to increase their reach of followers on Twitter, keep scrolling down.

How To Increase Your Twitter Followers?


According to the social media statistics, it has been revealed that almost half of the marketers are using Twitter as their go-to network for the sake of engaging with their customers.

Moreover, as the application is easier to use and fast-moving, it helps one how from scratch. But increasing the number of followers is a different story.

Although many choose to apply bots and spamming tactics to increase the followers in one day, the shady application is not worth it. However, by following the actionable methods below, you will make the followers go higher.


  • Tweet, Tweet, And Tweet:


Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Twitter always requires a more aggressively positioned content strategy. Data shared by CoSchedule shares that the sweet spot, or rather the perfect number of posts made in a day to maximize the engagement reach, lies between three or seven posts.


That is why many brands tend to post at least 15 to 20 times. This puts the context and the competitive analysis of the posts in an important position while tweeting.  However, given how the platform continues to move, brands can fall on the side of erring by posting more than required.


So how to bypass it? You have to be sure not to be self-promoting. You have to fill up the content calendar with the tweets from the followers, relevant industry articles, breaking news, personal updates, and so on.


By filling up the feed with fresh content, the potential followers know that you are in the game, you want to engage, and you are worth their “following.”


  • Timing leads to Perfection:


Timing is everything. Blasting your tweets when the targeted audience is dozing off is not the foothold you should be trying to maintain. Neither isn’t smart, nor will it gain you anything. Rather it will be a failure.


According to research, the best time to post on social media, that is, on any platform, during the weekdays, is in the early and late afternoons. At the same time, these numbers may vary depending on the audience’s time zone and the timing of your tweets.


In other words, the reach depends on coordinating the geographical differences of the demographics so that your account can gain some traction. The key here is to expose your Twitter account.


So, figuring out the followers does not mean you have to sit in front of the screen all day. It depends on the schedule. So hit the tweets when the users are more active and tweet in real-time at intervals throughout the day to make it a hit.


  • Visual content is important as well:


As you already know, the tweets that contain visual content are likely to receive more likes and shares, and retweets than those without them. That is why many brands are striving to couple their tweets to accompany images with their content.


Although there is nothing wrong with only word-based tweets, images pique interest. Moreover, images encourage the audience to look at the thread of tweets. So how to nail coupling your content with visuals?


  1. You can couple your tweets with relevant GIFs or memes. It has normally become a common practice among Gen Z or those keeping themselves up to the trend.


  1. You can choose to share the compelling data you have on you by signaling the strength of video content marketing. According to Forbes, the tweet with visual content will likely be shared more than the conventional text-based tweet.


  • Hashtags have more power than you can imagine:


Hashtags are what makes your content go beyond the boundary. We are not kidding. The hashtags are what make your posts or tweets searchable. As the hashtags are a form of SEO for your Twitter account, it will post with the hashtags when the particular term is searched.


Data has revealed that a tweet with at least one hashtag will receive 12.6% more engagement than without them. Statistically, the tweets that feature hashtags will get more engagement.


However, the brands should be wary of the application of hashtags as there is a chance that overabundance and over-usage of such an element can weigh it down.


Tacking on a couple of hashtags so that one can find your account is smart. So you have to choose the relevant terms to put after hashtags.


  1. So, you can use dynamic hashtags to make the post target on a professional level.
  2. Choose the relevant authority or targeting individuals to garner traction.
  3. To stray away from the traditionality of giving the hashtag, you can play with the community hashtags such as #MondayMotivation or terms like that.
  4. You can choose to piggyback on the event-based hashtags to reach their targeted audience.


However, keep in mind that the placing of the hashtags does not incite spamming.


Ending note:


Use all these tips and tricks to reach the zenith with your followers. However, you have to keep in mind that Twitter analytics is your friend here. Dig deeper into the posts of others to understand what makes Twitter tick. Master the art of retweeting, tagging, and replying; keep engaged to garner an audience, to garner traction.

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