How to mine cryptocurrency using waste energy?

Natural gas flaring is considered to be an environmental problem in the present. While it’s just one percent of carbon emissions globally it’s a result of a lack of infrastructure and is a source for energy that otherwise could be burnt.

Alternatives to natural gas flaring alternatives were the focus of various governments and markets in recent years. However, these options aren’t moving forward because none of them could stop the flaring process completely.

For instance one of the top flaring options included:

  • NGI recovery
  • The natural gas liquids can be extracted from natural gas, and then delivered to the market
  • Create more infrastructure to transport liquid gas.

The strategies mentioned has proved feasible for the majority of producers of oil and gas because they are expensive. It’s more feasible for producers to eliminate natural gas from the process.

The idea of building a new infrastructure is a significant expense that will require the gas and oil industry at minimum 10 years to completely recover. If the past 10 years have been a good indicator that things are getting better, the falling price in natural gas suggests that the coming decade will see an increase of the same way, making any expansion of infrastructure an investment that is negative.

Better Solutions to Flaring Gas Flaring

The pressure to regulate is increasing due to government regulation, and the gas market as well as oil recovering from the decline in prices of oil until 2020. The market has moved to mining cryptocurrency in order to prevent the burning in natural gas.

The use of cryptocurrency mining will be the EZ Smartgrid is an exceptional solution due to its efficiency and accessibility. It’s a natural gas generator which is utilized to generate electricity for bitcoin mining. The generator is situated on oil pad sites. It is equipped with an mobile bitcoin mining container that is the place where the electricity requirements of sophisticated computers are met with natural gas, which could be burned.

A mobile device to reduce flaring is positioned directly on pads for oil wells and is capable of reducing flaring down to a minimum.

“Smart Grid” is a term referring because it does not require access directly to grid. The power generated is utilized directly at the site.

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