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Cartoons are the new way of communicating for a story in the cinema world — similar things applied with the anime shows and movies that people are addicting with them. Kissanime is a source that can help you to reach the real treasure of anime. It will take you to a world where you will get everything for free without doing any account setup and other related stuff.

You are here because you know the anime’s characteristics and functioning. This anime thing is based on some favorite comic books like manga and many more. It is the thing of the Japanese people, but in present every part of the world want to stream on their mobile or PC.


If you know about kissanime, then this paragraph is not going to be interesting for you because there are things that you are familiar with very well. It is a well-known source that people used for anime streaming by paying zero amount of money. According to the forums news, it keeps the biggest database regarding the subbed and dubbed anime as compared to all other places.

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Kissanime website serves the anime in high quality with the subtitles (if you need) and other details that you need to know before streaming any episode and another element. You also get the lists of content that any user can access from any location of the world.

kissanime website

When you will open the website of kissanime, click on any title that you want to stream on your screen. After that, another page regarding that heading will begin in front of your eyes. You can check the ratings of the content with the little synopsis and link or video player built on the same page.

It is the thing that mainly all people know about it. However, there is some hidden points and aspects of the website that people are not connected with yet. I will be going to open those aspects in front of you. So, you can get the negative side of the kissanime; it will help you to save from the side effects of the website.

Is Kissanime Safe

It is not safe because it will create lots of threat to the people who are using this website for free content as you can understand that kiss anime is a pirate streaming site which copies the material from the premium sources and distributes it for free. It is a crime in the law book because you can not distribute the premium content of the other people without any permissions or any certificate.

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So, it is an illegal place that means it is not the right choice to access it for anime. There are some online viruses can occur due to the media players and auto ads that can hit your system very hard. So, you need to keep this knowledge in mind when you want to use this site on your device.

Kissanime mobile

This site is a source that is available for the mobile in two forms. You can download the kissanime app and can access the mobile version of the site by using the search engine or direct URL.

You can get the app on your Android device, as you know it is an illegal thing to use. So it means the app is not available on the play store or any real source. If you want it, then you need to check the search engine for the APK file of kiss anime.

You can install it and stream the content on your risk; you can also use the mirror site of it in case of the down of real source.

Kissanime essentials

Do you want to stop the things on this site or want to change some things? There is a tool that can help you to toggle with the properties with the main site. You can disable the ads; it is the best advantage of this equipment.

You can download or add the chrome extensions to operate the kiss anime essentials. It will help you to make this site more suitable for your usage.

kissanime essentials

To add this property to your browser, you need to add a chrome extension from their store with the title “essentials for kissanime”. You can only use it on the desktop mode to unblock the numerous hidden properties of the real source.

If you want it on your device, then you can download some software that will help you to kissanime essentials to get the lots of services from the site for free.

New Version of the Main Site

In case the main site is down in your country or it is not working in any form on your internet service. In this case, you require some mirror or familiar version of the site that is also operated by the same people.

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I will cover only those choice which is the in the present circuit or people are talking about them. So, I will only represent those sites which will the real subject to go for your anime streaming. These anime sites are similar to kissanime, so I cannot explain the threats for you, but you can predict after using the site.


This website is the upgraded version of the real web page, and it made for the people who are not able to stream the content from the kissanime due to numerous reasons. As you know, it is a Russian extension of the domain registration, and it serves worldwide.

Looks and design are exactly like the main page; resources are a little bit different from the real website. However, you got the total quality from the site and can watch anything on it.

2. 9anime


9anime is a search engine of anime that you can use to find any anime episode by using it. This site contains a top class database that you will love in exploring. You can use the old design of this site, in case you are familiar with the characteristics of the site. By using the search bars, can reach the right episode and tv shows.

3. Gogo Anime

Gogoanime is the real form of the main website that we are discussing in this article. The title of the site contains the kissanime, and it means the operator on both places are similar. You can download and stream the anime content for free here as equal to the main site.


I talked about the site, now you need to choose the right path that you can handle in the future. Share my content if you love the article.

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