10 Most Popular Video Games Among College Students in 2020


No matter what you have, a laptop, PC, or a tricked-out smartphone, you would not use it without games. A lot of online games for college students are below the dignity of criticism, and you had better not spend your valuable time reviewing them. It’s better to focus on projects offering at least exciting, fresh, and modern gameplay. Let’s learn about the best games in 2020.

  1. Cyberpunk 2077

The setting is in the cyberpunk style. The action takes us to a huge city of the future where the streets are controlled by gangs and financial flows — by large corporations. The main character gradually gets acquainted with the underworld cyberpunk metropolis, earns a reputation, modifies his body, and performs missions affecting all citizens. The city is fully open to exploration, and you can travel outside the city, looking for useful people or items.

  1. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

If you are bothered with modern theme games, you will find quite delightful this top video game college students are waiting to play. You will be able to create your character and start earning your first money by hiring uneducated peasants and killing bandits. Then, you can buy the first good sword with armor and a horse. Your peasants become more experienced and grow into soldiers. Traveling with your small army, you will get to know the lords, perform their quests, and visit cities looking for goods and chances to start your own business. And then, you can take part in wars with castles captures and the defense of your land.

  1. Predator: Hunting Grounds

You can fight the Predator or become one by yourself in this shooter. You need to perform the team’s missions on time before the Predator finds you. Or become a Predator and catch your prey. Human and alien weapons are at your disposal. One of the challenging missions is to get a helicopter to escape from the jungle.

  1. Cuisine Royale

It’s a shooter in the famous Battle Royale genre, with a complete arsenal of combat kitchen utensils. When you bring your character to a new level, you will get the ingredients to create suits, masks, gestures, and other items. You’re going to have exciting large-scale battles: 36 players will appear in different corners of the map and move to the center of the location where the main battle involving the strongest, luckiest, and most inventive players.

  1. Evil Genius 2: World Domination

If you have never used academic writing services, it’s time to do it and ask writers, “Could you write my paper for me cheap?” as you will be involved in this game at once. You will love this game as it offers you big opportunities to take over the world. For example, you will be able to split Alaska, sell the British royal family for any price you like, or kidnap governors. To put your plans into action, you will have a great number of different virtual tools.

  1. Iron Harvest

This game will dip you in the alternate reality of the 1920s. Europe is still reeling from the events of World War I. Meanwhile, peasants in the countryside find the remains of walking robots that took part in battlefield battles. Since Europe is under a new threat, these powerful machines have to be used for their intended purpose again.

  1. Outriders

You can go through this shooter either alone or with two friends. The developers of this shooter follow modern cooperative trends and claim that it’s their dream project. The development team has grown considerably, and the publisher Square Enix is doing his best to improve this shooter. The game creators keep most of the details secret, but they assure that you will get incredible pleasure playing it.


  1. Tunic

Sometimes playing video games in college can be positive if they have enjoyable lighting and a quiet color palette. In this game, the main character, a fox armed with a sword, makes this adventure charming. There are no pointers, quests, or words in the game. You need to explore the world by yourself.

  1. Wasteland 3

The setting is in cold and snowy Colorado. Young rangers are sent to defend local lands from the local lord’s children. Being the main hero, you need to build a new base, explore nearby regions, recruit volunteers, and meet local people who need your help.

  1. Watch Dogs: Legion

The game is focused around the city, which is under total control and a resistance unit fighting an authoritarian regime. Everyone has their features, skills, character traits, and stories. Any person you choose to play is fine if he has certain abilities. You have to form a team of those people who do their job better than others, and if someone gets caught by the police or dies, you will lose him forever.

Of course, it’s hard to determine which game you are going to play first. So, ask a student helper, “Please, write my essay now” and start testing the released games!


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