Sites Like ThinkGeek | 14 Online Stores For Geek Stuff

Sites Like ThinkGeek support the people who want fabulous things and want some geek stuff. As you know, think geek sell the stuff like Star wars Robots, the game of thrones bags and other related gifts and clothing. These sites like ThinkGeek also offer you the same type of geek stuff as ThinkGeek website and contain some more imaginary and geeky things for your general use.

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From a very long time, I am a big fan of things that are showing in the Cartoons and TV shows and want them at my home. I purchased many bags, cups and other materials from ThinkGeek but I want to explore more stuff on the internet. There are many people also searching for same geeky and imaginary items for some time.

I got lots of websites, pages and other online places to find these interesting, different and cool stuff.

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Now, I want to share that information with my readers. So they can also enjoy these funny and well-designed objects.

You also came to check these best sites like ThinkGeek to check star war, a game of thrones and legends of Zelda related objects. I acquired some places with the same quality maintain as the think geek team. So, these web pages are full of these geeky items and products for their customers.

You can not miss any place if you love some cool items related to famous character, tv shows and movies.

About Think Geek

ThinkGeek is a shopping and information website for the lovers of technology products. All the geeks that are the enthusiast of the technology things can use this as a platform to explore. This cool website sells, t-shirts, jewelry, wallets, bags and backpacks and other accessories.

ThinkGeek is also the best place to buy a geeky gift for someone that you love. In this website, I always got ideas for gifts, toys and office items from think geek and sometimes brought them to my personal use. Many people love my stuff to use and want me some stuff to them.

Best Sites Like ThinkGeek

So, ThinkGeek is a place where you can full fill your childish dreams in real time. Today we are going to tell you the top 12 websites which are the best option for ThinkGeek alternatives so that you can get some fantastic and pleasant experience.

1. Bacon Beer

So Guys, First I choose another specialist platform for world’s geeky products. It is one of the most demanding platform on the internet which offers you the coolest products in the online market. This website is dedicated to providing you with the products required for the enjoyment.

Baconbeer site like thinkgeek

This site like ThinkGeek provides the endless supply unique gadgets and gifts. Bacon beer filled with some fantastic items as star war’s gun, Roman knight beanie and some geeky t-shirts. BaconBeer is mostly available in the UK, and they also charged in the pound. This webpage also supports you to find some unique item in the online market.

2. AwesomeStuffToBuy

AwesomeStuffToBuy is part of the fastest growing websites regarding attention to the online shops. The main reasons why it is one of the most trending websites nowadays is that it offers the most diversified products and items. On this site, the user can buy funny products, creative gifts and cool gadgets.

AwesomeStuffToBuy helps you to get some creative and unbelievable product at a very lower cost. There is some stuff that you can buy in an instant. If you are creative folk, then you can also submit your geek product at this website and makes some money.

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3. BestCovery

BestCovery is a website which generally offers the reviews on the products. Highly rated experts give reviews on this website, and after the reviews, this web page lists the products according to their rankings. There is a separate section for the top-rated products.

bestcovery think geek alternative

You can identify best of the product being offered by the retailers in the category of your choice. BestCovery Also cover various cool gadgets and elements to review like curling iron, cymbals for drummer and others. You find some geek stuff with their reviews.

This place little differs in the property from the Think geek, but there is geek product best quality available. They contain the low quality of exciting things, but they keep the high quality of available products. So, must try this option because Bestcovery is very useful.

4. Take my paycheck

TakeMyPaycheck is a very public old platform to buy cool stuff. The best thing about this website is that it collects the discount offers and the sale offer made by the leading e-commerce websites. It does not deal with that phone manufactured products, but it deals and offers the product of the other leading retailers.

There are many cartoon-related items on the sell as the doctor who k9 slippers, star war purses and many more.

I love this platform due to the extensive collection of geek stuff and also some un imaginary and funny stuff. There are many items for your upcoming Halloween that you can buy here at very affordable prices.

5. FireBox

Firebox is popular among the sites like ThinkGeek. No one can ignore this website because it offers a vast collection of old generation toys, some creative gifts and others. Firebox is selling old stuff with some new ideas and using their creativity.

The Mixture of generations, stuff and technologies make their products unique for some people. Firebox site is available with a very existing design and User interface. This site like think geek covers categories like homeware, gadget, exclusive products and personalised things.

firebox sites like thinkgeek

You can pay in three currencies like USD, GBP and EUR after buying things here. FireBox also provides an affiliate type of thing on sharing their product or website with other people.

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6. Jinx

Jinx has not matched all the products that are available on ThinkGeek because they only cover clothing related products. This alternative only cover geeky t-shirts, caps and outwear related items. Many people are interested in this printed item with favourite tagline and kind of thing.

7. NeatoShop

Neatoshop is a more prominent brand in T-Shirt selling that covers things similar to the site think geek. This thinkgeek alternative contains t-shirt in categories like funny, horror, artistic, funny, fitness and others.

These site prices are very efficient and affordable for every kind of users. I always love their designs and logos that are awesome and unique other as compare to other merchandise.

neatoshop thinkgeek like sites

8. Scroll.Am

It is a subsidiary website of Amazon where you can search the top rated products of Amazon. It is one of the fastest ways to find the products you are looking for.

To start searching your desired product you have to select a category first then enter a keyword and after that click on the product to make the purchase. This website keeps a great kind of filter and other option to be placed on sites like ThinkGeek.

9. Five Star

The main website of 5 stars is Amazon. As the name suggests the website only offers the products from the Amazon which are having a rating of 5 stars.

Here the rating means the products with the highest demand. If you are going to purchase a product by watching its rating, then you surely will get the top quality and top rated products from Amazon. The reason is that only the top rated products are in the highest demand.

So, you can use it in sites like ThinkGeek for product research in your category.

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10. Filler Item Finder

It is also a shopping based website that allows the customers to get the products of Amazon website at the most economical price possible.

The best part about this website is that it offers free shipping on most of the products of Amazon. As we know, Amazon is one of the Giants In The E-Commerce industry, and so the range of the product is very high. The specialty of this website is that it only shows the products with free shipping.

11. Dat Twenty

The best thing about this website is that it separately from offers products below the range of 20 dollars.

The categories of products available on this website are fitness, kitchen, gadgets etc. The graphical user interface of this website is very user-friendly. In the products display, along with the product image and information, the price of the product is also available.

12. Shop for 20

The main thing about this website is that its platform is almost similar to Dat twenty. The website offers the products only at the price of 20 dollars. It has one of the most extensive collections of products on the internet.

The prices offered on this website are very low. This site keeps low rates product that maintains it in sites like ThinkGeek as a low rate option.

12. Canopy

Canopy offers the products of Amazon website. It recommitted ends Amazon products. It offers one of the best in quality products. The best thing is its user-friendly graphical user interface.

13. Wervetu

Wervetu is a shopping magazine which offers cool products to buy. The price offered by this magazine is relatively less. Budget things are available on this website. Wervetu is a top-rated option in the list of sites like ThinkGeek.

14. ParamountZone

So, ParamountZone is also on my list of best sites like ThinkGeek. I never miss this website as an option of geek stuff site. This site keeps Christmas gifts, toy, gadget and other stuff also. ParamountZone has the lots of variety of products and stuff.

paramount zone best websites like thinkgeek


So, Guys, I covered every property of think geek and gave you sites like ThinkGeek with lots of detail about these websites and their type of products. Please comment down below if you know more websites like ThinkGeek. You can share this content with your friends and family to check these sites bought the gift and weird items.

I am content write and technical expert at a tech organization. I also do the computer science education through the college. Love to solve the techncal issue through my writing and want to help people to solve their.

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