The Best Affordable Small Gifts To Give Employees

Employees appreciate the occasional small gift from their employers. Even the smallest gift lets employees know that their work is valued and that their employers have their happiness in mind. Gifts cannot replace a good wage, progression opportunities, and a comfortable working environment—but they can be representative of a workplace that cares. Here are some of the best affordable small gifts that an employer can dole out to members of their workforce.



Sometimes, even the cheapest gifts can make a big difference. Branded stationery is a good gift for employers to give to employees—and it is cheap as chips. Cleverly branded stationery promotes the company’s internal brand and increases visibility, especially if the employees use the stationery in public. Stationery items are essential, everyday tools that employees use regularly, but may not be willing to spend their own money on. By providing branded stationery as a gift to employees, employers can take care of a need while improving the internal branding efforts necessary to create a cohesive and happy workplace. It may seem like a throwaway effort, but the gifting of branded stationery can make a big difference.



There are several kinds of bags that employers can give to members of their workforce without spending a huge amount of money. Custom fanny packs, tote bags, and backpacks are all made with the company budget in mind by manufacturers such as Bags, like branded stationery, are useful everyday items that also provide opportunities for company branding, as they are highly visible objects. Your (hopefully) happy workforce will be showing off your company branding every time they head out for a coffee, take the train home, or bring their laptop to a friend’s house.


Coffee Cups And Flasks 

Custom coffee cups and flasks are absolute classics when it comes to corporate gifts. If anything is for certain, it is that people working in offices spend a great deal of their time drinking coffee. A reusable coffee cup or flask is likely to be an accessory that your employees will carry around with them everywhere they go. Flasks are long-lasting, extremely useful, and can carry branding effectively. With any luck, branded flasks can become an essential in- and out-of-work item for your employees.


Food And Drink

Gifts of food and drink are almost universally well received. Food and drink gifts are, by nature, celebratory. They can be shared with other members of staff and help to build a sense of community within a company. Nothing says “I appreciate your work” more effectively than a bottle of wine or a cake. Go back to basics and break out the gifts that your employees will automatically assume is an acknowledgment of their hard work. If you plan on gifting alcoholic beverages, it is worth checking whether the staff member you are planning on rewarding is comfortable drinking. Some people—especially those who have had drinking problems or who belong to a faith that forbids drinking—do not appreciate being given a bottle of tipple.

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