Triangle – A Three-Sided Polygon

Mathematics has played a significant influence in the transformation of our environment. Mathematical applications can be found in our daily lives. Some of the world’s greatest mathematicians have solved some of the world’s most difficult issues and have made their imprint on the subject of mathematics. Most people believe that math is solely about numbers, but it is much more; it is a subject that involves patterns, numbers, and shapes. Many students see it as one of the most difficult disciplines in the world. People who work in math have to deal with a lot of complicated computations. Because of its applications in the real world, every student is required to study math from the beginning of their scholastic career. From counting elementary numerals coding to rocket science, math is needed everywhere. Algebra, number theory, statistics, calculus, geometry, and arithmetic are the main branches of mathematics. We will be discussing one of the most common shapes in geometry that is a triangle. The area of triangle and the perimeter of a triangle are some of the most common properties of a triangle that are being used in our daily life.

Triangle is a shape that consists of three sides and three corners. The total of the three unique angles equals a hundred and eighty degrees, which is one of the main characteristics of this shape. This characteristic is frequently used to solve a variety of difficult problems using various figures in which a triangle is included. Triangles can be classified into various categories. Equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles are the three basic forms of triangles. The various categories are described based on the equality of their attributes. The triangle is said to be equilateral if all three sides are the same length. If any two sides are identical, it is said to be isosceles, and if all sides are different lengths, it is said to be scalene. The right-angled triangle is a special type of triangle. A right-angled triangle is defined as one in which any of the three angles is identical to ninety degrees. There are a lot of methods to find the area of a triangle, we are going to discuss a few of them.

  • Area of a triangle: One of the most used properties of a triangle is the area of a triangle, area is defined as the space occupied by any object. As a triangle is a two-dimensional shape it also occupies space. One of the basic ways to calculate the area of a triangle is by using the formula ½ *base*height. This formula is of great importance in geometry as this formula is valid for all kinds of triangles whether it is equilateral, isosceles, or scalene. Apart from this formula, the other method which can be used to calculate the area of a triangle is Heron’s Formula. In Heron’s formula, we first need to calculate the semi perimeter of a triangle that is obtained by dividing the perimeter of the triangle by 2. Let a, b and c be the three sides of a triangle and d be the semi-perimeter of that triangle, then the formula to calculate area is square root of d*(d-a) *(d-b) * (d-c). Apart from these formulas, there are many different ways to calculate the area of a triangle, that depends on the type of triangle and the angle made by the triangle.

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