8 Tips on UI Design for FinTech Apps 


In today’s article, we are going to talk about some tips on UI Design for Fintech Apps. If you have an excellent Fintech app idea and are wondering how the UI Design of that app should be, then this is just the right article for you to read.

Fintech has emerged as a significant industry in the last decade for the development of applications. It has provided the U.K. economy with a contribution of 6.6 billion pounds in the year 2016. It has also given employment to around 60,000 people, and the numbers of employees are growing as well.


The main products of the Fintech Industry are digital banking, online trading apps, and e-wallets. So, the financial market players should now consider how they can launch their app or how they can redesign the existing apps. That means that building a fintech app is a high priority for banks and other financial market players, so the article mentioned can help to dive into the details.

Most of the apps at Fintech are very poor or confusing to the user, so the first step the user has to do is understand the app and then learn how to use it. Due to this, the primary purpose, which is initiating smooth interactions and hassle-free transactions are defied by the Fintech apps.

In this article, we will show you how you can design or redesign the apps to make it more user-friendly. So, let’s get right into the article and learn about the tips through which you can make the app user-friendly.


The first thing you need to do is focus on what the users want. You can get the information through surveys, etc. due to which you will get the information regarding how the user wants the app to be to simplify their work.

Also, you need to learn about the client’s products, knowledge of the target audience, and stakeholders. You have to make the app easy to use for the users and also make it convenient for them.


Sometimes the language or the app is complicated for the user to use. It would help if you simplified the information present so that the user will be able to use the app without any complications.

You can do it by the page layout, content display, and the app’s task flow. This will make the app interactive and simple for the users. Also, detailed information should be provided by the app to the users for the problems faced by them.


Another thing that you have to do is make an attractive background because the background of the app is directly related to the efficiency of the app. But you can keep the target audience in your mind while picking a background for the app.

Light backgrounds are very popular in the Fintech apps but the dark background comes with its own pros and cons. Though dark backgrounds are great when you are presenting any kind of graphic content but not very helpful if you are using the app on your mobile phones.


You want to make your app successful with your users then you have to be consistent with the users and apps. A successful UI design has the purpose to connect the commercial goals of the company and the development options that have access to it.

You also have to evolve your app according to the changing objectives of the company and also the changing technology. So, change should stay constant while designing your app.


This is the one of the important things which a developer should consider while designing an app. You should be able to guide your user if they are having any kind of problems while using the app and solve it as soon as you can.

Like there are customer services for trading apps and the problems faced by the users are solved by them which should be considered. Also, they help the user through the process which makes it easier for the user to learn to use the app.


The font selection is also one of the things which make the app more attractive to the users. The fonts used in most of the Fintech apps are Lato, Roboto Condensed and Titillium Web. But you can always choose any other font which should be able to fit in compact spaces and also not affect the legibility of the app.

As the financial world revolves around the numbers and figures through the app, the characters used in the app should be tested beforehand for its flexibility and legibility.


As most of the Fintech apps are associated with finances, the important aspect while designing an app is Security. You should make the app secure of the financial transactions and transfer of funds by the clients which will help increase the efficiency of the app as well as the prestige of it.

Also, in these apps a lot of personal information is kept of the users about their financial regulations and transactions, so security is a must for the user to find in the app. Also, the personal and financial data of each of the clients should be kept safe and secure of anyone to access.


Another thing you should consider is you should not make your app boring it should be fun. So, while making the UI designs you should consider gamification. App gamification helps the app to increase its engagement and efficiency with their users. You can also add some colors and different elements to the app so the user will be able to enjoy their financial transactions journey but it will also help enhance the satisfaction level of the user in the app.

Over the last decade, some of the Fintech apps have seen a smooth user interface and also an awesome responsiveness by the users. Besides the basic app, the functions and elements and color added by the developer will help the app to stand out against the other competitor apps.

One of the problems faced by the Fintech apps is that there are still many people who still do not accept the online banking system and don’t prefer to use it for their financial problems which causes the efficiency of the app to decrease. According to the statistics, there are only 3% of Indians who are actually using the online financial handing which causes the apps to reduce their target audience.

Last but not the least thing you should put in your mind while designing the app is to make it user-friendly and simple so the financial transactions will be hassle-free for the users. As finances are involved if one mistake is made the user will not give a second chance to the app.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Thank you for reading.


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