Watches of the Highest Quality: Baume Et Mercier Watches 

Watches are a fashion staple; it means you should have at least one watch in your accessories collection. It can complete your look. Throw on casual wear with a luxurious watch, and you will look expensive. However, it can also break your look. Pair a neon orange watch with an all-black outfit, and you will look odd.

Watches of the Highest Quality


Given that watches can play a significant role in your look, you have to make sure that you choose your timepiece well. There can be a lot of standards in choosing a watch. Some people focus on the exterior, while to some, the important thing is quality and durability. But why choose when you can have both the style and the quality in one purchase?

The Baume et Mercier Watches 

Baume et Mercier is a swiss made chronograph brand started by Brothers Louis-Victor and Celestin Baume. The brand carries the motto “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality,” They stayed true to their slogan, which enabled the Baume Et Mercier Watches to have a good reputation in the world’s luxury watch industry.

For over 190 years, the Baume et Mercier Watches are widely known for high quality and superb designs, adhering to the trend over the years. They operate under the principle of “éstablissage,” in which each step of the making process is controlled in-house, and the production is centralized in Switzerland.

The Baume et Mercier Watches History 

As mentioned above, Louis Victor and Celestin Baume established Baume et Mercier. In 1830, the brothers opened a watch dealership in a village in the Swiss Jura called Les Bois. The owners’ work and dedication were remarkable as they were recognized in the luxury watch industry, not just in Switzerland, but in the whole world.

Baume et Mercier has a logo that is correlated with Greek. In the 50s, the brand looked to the Greek letter Phi’s equilibrium symbol to represent their craft. It is also from the same logo that the iconic signature of a traditional round shape timepiece took its inspiration. Its superb manufacturing technique with creativity produced iconic models of watches.

The skills in the timing of the Baume & Mercier brand has been well-recorded in history. In 1892, the Baume brothers joined a competition with a pocket watch, held in Britain called Kew Observatory. The brothers’ chronometer became the winning product, with a precision that can remain unchanged for over ten years.

The Baume et Mercier Watch Collection for men 

For decades in the luxury watch industry, Baume et Mercier works hard to satisfy and entice users through their creativity. Over the years, the brand has produced timepieces with different complications and functions like moon phase or triple date displays. We will be discussing their collection one by one in the next part of this article.

Clifton Baumatic 

The Baume et Mercier launched their Clifton Baumatic collection containing their first in-house mechanical self-winding caliber. The collection is characterized by its unparalleled precision, with only -4/+6 seconds per day. It guarantees maintenance for every seven years, more significant than the usual three to five years cycle of a traditional watch.

The collection contains watches with stainless steel or alligator strap. It has a date aperture at the 3 o’clock position on the dial. Other timepieces from the collection also have a beautiful moon phase feature. The Clifton Baumatic Collection was a classic, yet it oozes elegance and sophistication perfect for all Gentlemen.

Clifton Club 

Baume et Mercier values their clients’ diversity, and it is evident with their launching of the Clifton Club collection. The Clifton Club collection is for Sports enthusiasts. It has a rotating bezel for dual time presentation. Some collection models have a Tachymeter for speed monitoring, a timepiece designed for sports and outdoor activities.

Baume et Mercier partnered with Caroll Shelby International, a world-famous American race car maker. The partnership lifted the sports watches to the peak of the watch industry. As a celebration, the brand offers a limited edition named Shelby Cobra, the most famous race car model in Shelby.


Capeland Collection is a limited edition with Shelby Cobra that is later discontinued by the brand. The discontinuation made the timepieces of the collection appealing in the second-hand luxury watch market. This collection’s chronometers are outstanding with tachymeter scale, red temetric scale, and symmetrically displayed three-sub dials.

Baume et Mercier watches For Ladies  

In the late 40s, Marquise was launched. The model is one of the most successful and widely-recognized by the brand. It gave birth and set the trend for the innovation of more collections of timepieces tailor-fitted to sophisticated ladies. Among the lady watches the design of the brand are Hampton, Classima, and Promese.


The Hampton collection is famous for its unique rectangular watch case. The steel case is designed with a steel or calfskin leather strap. The timepieces of the Hampton Collection come in different variations; there are two-tone versions, watches with diamonds set on the dial, silver color dial, Arabic numeral design, etc. There is a wide range to choose from.


The Classima collection is not just a collection for men. The collection is also dedicated to women who opt for elegant and classy looks. Classima contains very diverse pieces, which opens a lot of options for both men and women. The collection carries very interesting designs with different types of complications and combinations.


The Promesse Collection is widely known for its mother-of-pearl dial. This dial is designed with Roman numerals and glittering diamonds. The collection is specifically designed for women. Elegance and sophistication are the prevailing themes of the collection, and of course, it is coupled with Baume et Mercier’s outstanding technology in watchmaking.


Watches can complete or destroy a look. That is why it is necessary to be critical in choosing the timepieces you would invest your money into. However, the watch’s exterior is not just the thing to consider. Its quality should also be looked into. Baume et Mercier offers both looks and quality so you can get the best out of your money.

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