What are the best ways to crop photos, maintaining image quality?

Cropping photos (reducing weight and size) and having optimized images is a very important issue to speed up the loading of our website as much as possible. It is one of the determining factors when it comes to improving SEO. Image cropping refers to the use of various image processing techniques to produce the cropped ornament and thus the background.

Now, this article will reveal how to crop photo and images with the help of an online tool that will make compressing and cropping photos as easy as possible.

But before going into detail, it is worth highlighting three very beneficial aspects that stand out, due to the relevance of the images, and that we should consider optimizing them to the maximum:

The visual beats the text- It is no secret to say that “we do not read.” It is a proven fact. Despite the fact that Google “forces” to make entries with a minimum number of words to improve web positioning, the trend is that the image and, above all, the video is gaining to the detriment of the text. Therefore, a combination of optimized images together with quality text is the perfect way to improve your site in all aspects.

Higher loading speed– Optimizing the photographs by reducing the size of the photos or cropping them will give a plus in the loading speed of our website since it will improve the response of hosting and the visitor will not get tired of waiting and, therefore, will not leave the blog or website, without increasing the bounce rate. Thus, reducing the weight of images should be a mandatory task on online sites.

The image as content in your strategy- The benefits of adding images, infographics or videos are multitude for your Inbound Marketing strategy. Never stop using this tactic in your Link Building strategy.

What are the advantages of cropped images?

Image cropping is especially interesting for photographers who plan to montage photos and their own collections that will be open to the public later. But even for advertising agencies that need fully cropped images to combine them properly with other images to create high-quality promotional items.

Cropped images are especially important for online stores today. The cropped product gives the online store a neat and tidy look and draws the viewer’s attention to the product without being distracted by inappropriate backgrounds. Image cropping is also suitable for advertising companies who want to display their images in a clean and professional way to communicate with their websites and customers.

The image cropping mainly has the advantage that a uniform background without disturbing presentation is created. The additional point of cropped images is that the viewer concentrates exclusively on the main subject and not on its surroundings. Also, cropped subjects have a clean effect.

Image cropping is especially suitable for individual items and important items for sale. This is because the image of the product without background is easy to see, and the sales value is improved. You can also crop and separate the image to give a deeper effect to the main subject. Those who want to crop a photo should not pay attention to the moment they create the image. You can combine snapshots of different moments without being seen incorrectly.

The best photo editing software for PC allows you to align images with different sharpness, color, and contrast so that finished photos will look similar no matter how and when you took them.

Watermarkly- the best tool to crop photos without losing the quality

Watermarkly is one of the tools most used to crop photo online, obtaining the highest quality. Compressing photos with this tool is a guaranteed success. With it, you can cut the image to the size that best suits your needs, but you will also have many more options at your fingertips to edit the photography like a professional:

  • It allows you to crop, rotate, hue, colour, curves and a section of basics (brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness).
  • It has a large number of filters to give each of the photographs the personality you want.
  • Beauty section to touch up imperfections.
  • Frames, in which you will find a great multitude of options for each of your photographs.
  • Add stickers of very diverse themes.
  • Add text.

Who wants to have images cropped professionally requires a digital image editing program like Watermarkly and has to master various techniques to crop images to pixel exactitude. Watermarkly is one of the best applications on the market and offers several ways to get rid of the background image. The most important are isolates with a cut path or masking with the alpha channel. Pixel-accurate cropping requires a lot of precision and patience. Therefore it is useful and practical to have this professional image editor perform the image cropping.

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