What Is Virtual PBX And How It Works?

The abbreviation PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange where the communications that are internal in case of an organization, as well as all the incoming as well as outgoing calls, are handled in this medium. The goal is to somehow make the entire process of communication smooth in general. It is a truth universally acknowledged as to how much necessary good communication is for all of us and how much for that to be successfully conducted, a good medium is needed. Be it managing the different aspects of the call to regulating the entire spectrum of experiences faced by consumers, it can be handled by the system known as PBX.


What is virtual PBX?


The age we live in, that is the twenty-first century is primarily an age of technology. It is, therefore, quite natural to expect that a large number of the aspects of our lives shall be managed by technology and its associated aspects.


Virtual PBX is one of the blessings of technology that has the potential to leave a significant impact on our lives in general. It is a kind of system that is based on clouds and thus replaces the traditional types of PBX which are mainly dependent hardware that is local and connectivity that has to be sourced to a landline.


The dependence on the cloud-based virtual medium is what makes it unique and relevant in current times. It is also the reason and the point in which it differs from the traditional PBX.

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Method of its working


It has to be remembered in this case that the method of the working in case of virtual PBX is based on the same principle of the traditional one, but the difference is in the fact that in this case instead of being connected to a local source of landline, the operations are entirely carried out with the help of software that is based out of the cloud and even the technology that is known as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. All of these technologies are increasingly innovative. Not only that, these innovations have the potential to disrupt the market as we know it to be which makes it even more relevant for our times.


VoIP can be used to identify all the relevant extensions. In this manner, it can easily replace all the landlines that were previously physical. The network of business when is connected to the internet can then easily act as the network of the phone too.


Areas of similarity and differences between traditional and virtual PBX


There are many areas of similarity that can be found between both the traditional well as the virtual PBX. The similarities are in the points like voicemails or greeting customers or doing conferences. The difference however is there in the benefits that can be derived out of virtual PBX.


Advantages of virtual PBX


  • Being able to be considered on the same type of network, there is less prevalence of any kind of hardware in this case which is largely beneficial.
  • The setup of this process is much easier than the traditional type which makes it quite convenient for those who want to use it. It has to be remembered that in our busy lives, it becomes very much difficult to manage our time properly. So an easier and convenient way of setting up is largely lucrative to a range of users.
  • The scalability model in the case of Virtual PBX is immense. According to the need of the business where growth is kind of anticipated, necessary amounts of changes can be easily made based on this which makes it easier for all.
  • In terms of cost too, it is largely affordable which makes the entire process so much attractive for many people at large.
  • Be it troubleshooting or monitoring a range of performance to updating the software occasionally, everything can be easily conducted without any hindrance and hassle. Thus what is seen here that much less amount of management concerning IT is required.
  • One needs flexibility when it comes to forwarding and thus with the help of virtual PBX, such flexibility can be easily attained.
  • Hardware has the chance to go obsolete but with periodic updates, a virtual PBX will always work in a fine manner.
  • To sort of generating analytical tools and reports, there is a kind of dedicated web-based interface found here which is very much beneficial.
  • The integration process is much easier in this case. Quite naturally consumers find that they can derive potential solutions and easier options through the integration process of virtual PBX. No doubt it is beneficial from this angle.
  • No matter what phone a user might want to use, there is an immense amount of flexibility offered to them in that regard.


Thus through this article, the various aspects of working and benefits of virtual PBX have been discussed in details.



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