World of Tanks: how the game has changed and why you should start playing it

World of Tanks turns 13 this year. Over the years, the game has managed to acquire a new engine, hundreds of pieces of equipment, and millions of players around the world. All this time, World of Tanks has evolved, and now it’s not the same game that it was at the start. Why you need to play Tanks today, or why you should return to a once abandoned game, let’s talk right now.


When the game first came out, players had to upgrade their accounts on their own. Now, this is not necessary at all, because there are special companies, like, that are engaged in boosting player accounts. Orders are filled by professional gamers, and the support service is available 24/7.



The gameplay of World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a multiplayer tank simulator with a bias toward team esports. It’s simple: we have two tank teams, whose bases are located at different corners of the map. In classic mode, there are a couple of goals: kill all the players of the opposing team or capture their base. In other modes, the tasks are also tied to the capture defense of the camp and the destruction of enemy equipment.

The main gameplay has not changed dramatically since the release. World of Tanks is hardly a tank battle simulator. All actions in the game are simple to the maximum. The physics of the tank is quite realistic. Shooting in the game is divided into two types: regular and sighting. In the first case, you just aim at the enemy, shoot and pray to the god of randomness that you will be credited with a hit. In the second case, you conduct targeted fire. Aim at the vulnerable part of the tank, wait until the sight is reduced to a point, and then shoot. It sounds pretty simple, but in fact, everything is much more complicated.

Experienced tankers against beginners

Training in WoT is not perfect. Players are given a feel for the tank and instantly thrown into the abyss of fighting. Classes, types, branches, characteristics, shells, crew, team battles, tactical actions, and survival on the battlefield — a lot of everything, the game is quite deep, but you need to understand all the variety yourself. Yes, it’s difficult, but it’s more fun.


Tankers in World of Tanks know all the maps by heart (and there are more than 40 of them here), have memorized the characteristics of military equipment (over 600 units), have pumped tanks with a crew, and have considerable experience in shooting without using accurate aiming. There is only one way to fight such experienced players: to sit in the bushes next to the camp and hunt down prey. Harsh reality. However, the imbalance between players is observed in many multiplayer projects, whose life cycle lasts more than ten years. People just hone their skills for years.

Collecting tanks

The in-game menu for 12 years has turned into a huge structure of a dozen buttons. And yes, it will also have to be studied. The most interesting thing in the hangar is under the research tab. Having moved to the submenu, we understand that World of Tanks is not just a tank simulator, but a collectibles simulator. For 12 years, so many tanks have appeared that it will take an unrealistic amount of time to test each one. All military equipment is divided into countries, types, levels, and uniqueness. You have to open tanks gradually. To get to the vehicles of the tenth level, you will have to spend a lot of battles. Well, you can buy a premium account that helps you save in-game currency in accelerated mode. By the way, you can also invest in premium tanks, which give an advantage in combat in the form of increased silver pharma.

Visual Evolution of World of Tanks

Over the years, World of Tanks has changed significantly in terms of graphics. In 2011, the game looked very bad: gray, gloomy, and low-poly. There was no lighting, no dynamic shadows with reflections in the game. Two years after the release, the developers realized that the game could no longer remain in this form and began to wind up all sorts of effects on the engine. As a result, World of Tanks has become brighter and juicier in terms of the game of light and shadow. Players with powerful PCs were provided with an improved render, which dramatically changed the entire graphics. Tanks ceased to be gray boxes with wheels, having received high detail and were also totally redesigned in terms of behavior in combat. A new graphics engine, visual effects, and a sound engine made the military equipment growl realistically, and the metal of the tanks did not cause complaints and behaved like a real one.



Clans, platoons, and communities

The World of Tanks has a rather specific community. It includes both young users and older players. The former is generally considered a hotbed of toxicity. They tried to reduce the degree of toxicity in random battles in 2016 when they turned off the general chat, but a few years later they turned it back on.


Joining a clan is a good reason to raise the skill and find like-minded people for joint fights. The developers pay due attention to the clans: they add special modes in which players get more experience, currency, and gold, hold events, and other social activities. In a good clan, veterans will tell you about the subtleties of the game, advise the best tank for the first battles, and generally help with pumping. In clans, the degree of toxicity is minimized, and as a result, an interesting community is formed. In 12 years, the gaming community has grown to an unreal scale — more than 7 million total players and subscribers.


The game has deep mechanics, such as the ability to tank and penetrate other tanks. This can be difficult to understand, as there are many pitfalls and many different tanks. These are not online shooters in which the reaction and speed of the Internet player are important, here the ability to read the setups of the enemy team and understand the pros and cons of your tank decision. You can play on anything, even on an old laptop. The game does not affect all people in the same way, it often becomes addictive. However, World of Tanks is one of those multiplayer games that positively affects a person’s life and society as a whole.


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