What is Cisco LEAP Module and Ways To Remove it  

When you use your control panel to remove some apps, some time you see the program cisco leap module in there. In many cases, you will encounter it on any program installation or working with any cisco applications.

So, now you need to understand what is it and if you want to remove it, then how is it possible. Sometimes you ask why is it in your System because you did not install it, and there are security concerns for many people who used their System for professional works. 

As I understand, there are many questions about cisco leap module, cisco EAP-Fast Module, or cisco PEAP module. These all three programs came under the one category, and we will understand all the things about them. Cisco module programs contain these three programs and install them according to the requirement. 

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Cisco EAP-FAst Module: Cisco Extensible Authentication Leap Flexible Authentication Via Secure Tunneling Module

LEAP Module:  Lightweight Extensible authentication protocol Module

Cisco PEAP Module: CISCO Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol Module

What is Cisco LEAP Module

As the name suggests, it is a lightweight authentication protocol that is used in cisco networking. In technical terms, cisco LEAP is an 802.1X authentication type of contract for wireless LAN or WLAN that used to make the connection between the user and the server more secure and robust. You can also say that it provides the login and password protection for the server connection with the consumer. So, I can say it a security protocol for the WLAN to make it more secure for the transformation of data. 

If you did not know that much technical stuff, then I can give you an example to explain it better. Let assume you are using any cisco server-based application and then your app or program wants to create a connection with the server. Cisco LEAP is used to make this action password protected and give access to the only real user of that particular stream. LEAP is a lightweight program that keeps the priority to save the usage of memory; it is the reason that’s why we call it a lightweight, extensible authentication protocol. 

As the LEAP, you can understand the EAP-Fast that has to speed its priority, and in case of PEAP, protection is the primary factor for the program. So, you got the idea of what is it and why is it used. 

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Is LEAP Module Safe 

Now, the second question people ask me how they catch this protocol in their System. You can get it at the time of installation of any CISCO based application, or you establish a connection with public domain network or make some changes in the configuration of the System or stuff. So you got these cisco modules as the extension with other processes on your System. 

Some application needs these modules to make your connections more secure. So, it is not a threat or virus; these modules are helping hand for many other applications. They are like a security program, so they are not any virus or kind of stuff. 

How To Remove Cisco LEAP, PEAP or EAP-FAST 

Now, if you are removing some unwanted or unused applications or programs from your PC and want to include these three cisco modules in your list, then I will tell you the exact process to remove them from your System’s memory. 

Note: if you are using any cisco service or using public domain network, then avoid to remove it because it can cause a minor disturbance in your processes. 

Follow the below instructions to get rid of Cisco LEAP, PEAP or EAP-FAST Modules.

1) Reach to the control panel and click on the “uninstall a program” option or press Windows + W and now click on the same button. 

2) right-click on the Cisco LEAP module and PEAP or EAP-FAST Modules program one by one and click on the uninstall item from the list. 

3) Refresh the list, and you will see that these programs are not in the list and they completely removed from your computer. 

Usage of Cisco LEAP 

Cisco LEAP module requires at many places for your System to make your processes smoother. As you know, it is an authentication protocol to help your process login protected. 

1) it used to creating the connection with the publish domain network or wifi that you connects at local and public places. 

2) Cisco LEAP module also helps many application or program to make data flow secure for that protective application. It is a little bit harder to break the security of the connection to avoid any data loss. 

3) It also used in temporary networks and military operation that does not stay for a longer time. Cisco LEAP module is practical on those situations to handle security. 

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I wrote about all the cisco modules that your System installed automatically to establish secure connections. You also got the idea from my examples that will help nontechnical people to understand the whole process without any effort. 

Please share it with other people to give them the idea about cisco LEAP module, and they will also understand why they keep such kind of program on their System. 

I am content write and technical expert at a tech organization. I also do the computer science education through the college. Love to solve the techncal issue through my writing and want to help people to solve their.

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