What is ETD Control Center and How to Fix or Remove it

Computer keeps lots of icons or shortcuts according to the application you continue on your system. They used to access any particular program from desktop and things. In many cases, you get some unwanted icons on your system screen. ETD control center is an icon that you got some time on your PC and does not know what it is and how do you get it.

We talked about cisco LEAP module, akamai net session client, and many other kinds of stuff that why they are in your system. In this article, we keep all the focus on the ETD control center that you held in your order and require to understand the characteristics of it.

What is ETD Control Center

It is an executable file that is a part of the ELAN Smartpad software that is created by the ELAN microelectronics organization. This organization is a Taiwan based franchise which created the integrated circuits and numerous elements of modern computers like touchpads, microchips, and other stuff.

So, you got the point that ETD control center is a part or partial equipment for ELAN Smart pad. This pad is an input device in the form of the touchpad on your PC. The touchpad is used to give the input in the form of scrolling, single click, and double finger scroll and many other kinds of stuff. You can say ETD control center is the software support that your hardware requires to offer each type of services and work with your OS correctly.

In your PC, you can check for etdctrl.exe file to get the  location, and you can check its associated files if you are more curious. ETD stands for elan trackpad device that also offers the same feeling I talked about earlier. ELAN microelectronic’s Headquarter is located in Hsinchu Science Park Taipei Taiwan and founded in 1994. This organization also contains few offices in the United States, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen.

is It a Safe Application

Now, you are thinking about how did you get it on your system. It is a pre-installed application, or you can also call it as a driver for particular hardware. It came with your equipment, and you do not need to uninstall it because this program provides you different kind of functionality to your touchpad inputs.

I will also share the way to uninstall it from your system, but it is not necessary. If the icon is making your desktop look ugly, then remove it instead of the whole application. However, you can check the various setting of your touchpad through it and add in your list of work.

How To Remove ETD Control Center (ETDctrl.exe)

As I said, the ETD control center is a driver or software that is installed by the name of .exe file ETDctrl.exe. So, you can uninstall or remove it like a simple computer program that you have in your system. So, you need to follow the given instructions to remove it from your computer, but it can take effect with your touchpad.

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Here are the instructions to remove this program:

1) search control panel in the windows search bar and open the program in your system.
2) now select the uninstall a program and search for the ETD control center or ETDctrl.exe file in the list.

3) right-click on the file and press uninstall to remove the program from your PC.

4) restart your PC, and you will get the current system without this program.

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