Games Like Minecraft | 12 Minecraft Game Alternatives

Games like Minecraft acquire a fantastic place in the heart of modern gamers. You can not miss playing these games if you love to play survival games online. Minecraft holds the genre of sandbox type gaming. So, these Minecraft like games also needs to fill up all boots of Minecraft first. Sandbox games keep the survival tactics and saving stuff for gamers.

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These things offer a thrilling experience to the people who love the game. If you are here, then you can not miss these tactics based as gamers. For playing these games like Minecraft, you need to follow the three schemes as the craft, survive and build.

As you know, Minecraft is the best game worldwide in the survival style type of gaming genre. So, these Minecraft like games cannot surpass the quality level of Minecraft in many manners. You are here for prime options not for low-quality games that cover the properties of Minecraft. So, I try every game before writing on it that increase the quality of this content.

So, In this complete article, I first talk about the little intro of Minecraft games then I will go through the option with their little and big details that you want to know before the play that game.

Minecraft Game

Mojang is the developer of Minecraft game. This tactic game supports three platforms like windows, mac, and Linux. So, I can say; it is entirely pc based game and set up for gamers. Minecraft released in 2011 with its full functionality and characteristic. Minecraft is a sandbox type of game that means you can choose your way, direction, and paths according to your choice; does not depend on gameplay.

This tactic game is available in single player and multiplayer version. In this 3D game, you need to accomplish some predefined goal for go to the next stage. You also find non-player roles like animals, plants and other stable things in the journey of gameplay.

I think it is enough introduction to Minecraft game and its component. Now, we need to step up for the reason you are here. So, In the lower content, I will explain every alternative of Minecraft with every bit of useful information.

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Games Like Minecraft

1. Terraria

Terraria is the first option in this list of games like Minecraft. This game is a 2-D sandbox style game that functionality matches the property of Minecraft. In this 2d world, every player will find various kind of creatures and options like crafting, place exploration and some others. In the start of the gameplay of terraria, you will get the three things a chopper, a shortsword, and a pickaxe.

To increase your levels or to play more, you need to earn some magic points, and for your protection or fight with others, health line require. In terraria, there is various kind of demons, zombies also exist. So, all these combinations of enemies, places, and levels make terraria an excellent contender for games like Minecraft.

2. Roblox

Roblox gives you a similar feeling like the game Minecraft and other best option for sandbox games. This game contains some fantastic features that you do not want to miss it. The best thing about Roblox is that every player can create a game inside this game using some equipment, game engine, and some material components. Making a game according to our thoughts is a leading factor behind the Roblox popularity.

In the present time, this games supports every platform like android, iOS, windows, and others. If you are also looking for MMORPG option of sandbox games, then Roblox also fulfill that requirement of yours. In my opinion, Roblox is one of the original game of modern time worldwide. If any gamer is looking for similar games like runescape, then please take a look at this game and share your thoughts.

3. The forest

As you know, Minecraft is survival and tactic based game with the genre of sandbox type. The forest also follows the same category of survival type game. In the opinion of many gamers, the forest is one of the best survival game in modern time. The story of the game is based on the survival of a person after the plane crash into the forest. The player can get an idea from its plot that how much interesting this game will be for you.

the forest as a game in the list of games like minecraft

In this game, character need to survive from the enemies like wood creatures, some mutants, and other physical elements also. To survive in the forest with many fear player need to develop some weapons, fighting skills, and another thing. So, this journey of survival is not going to be easy for every gamer. The forest is a quality example of survival tactics and your mental strength.

If any gamer wants to play survival games like Minecraft then must go with this option.

4. Ark: Survival Involved

Ark is my third option that every player can use as Minecraft alternative to play and enjoy your empty time. This Minecraft alternative is an action and adventurous game with the mixture of survival plot. In this game, you can travel by foot or ride some animals that are available at the game.

To proceed in this game every gamer needs to establish a temporary home with some safety components like fire, weapons and other things. In ark, player’s survival tactics also improve and sharpen as a gamer.

As the enemy or danger, you face the 4 to 5 types of dinosaurs and other various creatures. In the game, every gamer needs to earn the points and fight with these creatures and other enemies. In this game, after beating your other component or creature, their power and skills will transfer into your abilities. So, don’t waste your time and give it a try as online games like Minecraft.

5. Cube World

Cube world is useful for the guys who are looking for cube games like Minecraft. So, cube world is a role-playing game with some highly rated adventure. In cube world, first, the player can select a character or design a character according to your imagination.

After that, every gamer needs to select some predefined role like warrior, rouge and other. In this game, the player can tame the animals like sheep and turtle. In my opinion, Cube World cannot disappoint you with its features and gameplay. Cube world also offers some other gameplay options that make it in the range of building games like Minecraft.

6. Ace of Spades

The next game is Ace of spades that belongs to my category of sandbox games. Ace of spades covers a vast range of variety that involves in Minecraft. It follows the team based property and voxel or fir person shooter thing. This paid game is available on the MAC and Windows for every gamer. In this game, the player needs to be interactive and proactive in fights, and other stuff.

Many gamers liked this kind of stuff, and some feel they are more competitive as compare to Minecraft. In this game, you find many death matches, defense of creatures and others.

7. Minetest

Minetest is on the 7th spot of these games similar to Minecraft. This opensource game is the most prominent competitor of Minecraft game. In this game, when gamer starts the play, then the gameplay generate the lots of boxes and design a whole world with them. In minutes, you can use two modes one is created mode, and other is survival. The game will proceed according to your choice of mode and give you a large box of entertainment.

To go forward in create mode player need to build a place for his living and other stuff and in survival mode gamer need to create some fantastic survival tactics to beat enemies. Blocks and objects are the main things, and the whole structure of the game is built around them. This game also choose as the option of games like Minecraft on pc.

8. Starmade

Guys, we reach our 8th option of Minecraft like games. Starmade makes the appearance here with its excellent game plot and sandbox property. It supports the three type of operating system as Linux, Windows, and Macintosh. In this sandbox type game, the player appears in a role of the astronaut moreover, explore a Rolex world with his gameplay. The gamer also built a virtual spacecraft to live in this gaming world.

starmade as the option of games like minecraft

When gamers are in space, then there are some different enemies and dangerous also appear. The player face problems like dangerous asteroids, enemies spaceship, and some other issues. Starmade also gave the gamer to chance to create the new spaceship and ship core. If you love the plot of space and astronaut, then you need to try it in best games like Minecraft.

There are some notable things as sandbox property, multiplayer and a vast community of online gamers matter in the option of multiplayer games like Minecraft very highly.

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9. Don’t Starve

The 9th option is Don’t starve in the container of survival games like Minecraft. This game fits with the property of survival for Minecraft like games. In the start, gamer awake in the role of a doctor who needs to survive in this dark and dangerous world.

If you want to cross all levels and end this game then in that situation player’s character must be healthy and awake until the end. These all kind of stuff make this game uncertain, competitive and thrilling. In the gameplay of don’t starve, The character needs to beat the main enemies like hunger and some beautiful creatures. If he can not combat and fail to collect the food, then this game ends for the player.

I always rate this game one of the best in the group of games like Minecraft because of its gameplay and hard conditions of survival. IF you are looking for some adventurous games like Minecraft, then you need to go on this adventure and make fun.

10. FortressCraft

I reach the 10th game that matches the expectations of gamer’s who are looking for Minecraft alternatives. Gamers do not underestimate this game. It is only available for Xbox user’s or gamers. In the fortressCraft start, a character will find himself on a water-filled tower, and then he starts the exploration of this new world.

The genre of FortressCraft (Sandbox) is similar to Minecraft game. In the gameplay, the player first selects any one of the modes from spleef, hunt and other two. FortressCraft also offers an option of selling and buying of gamers at the reception table. If you keep an Xbox and looking for games like Minecraft, then do not miss this game without playing.

11. Trove

Trove contains the MMORPG and sandbox property as a game. So, this game came with two excellent and likable features or genre of any game. Trove is available for the platform like Xbox, Windows and Play station 4.

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This game like Minecraft is built with various amazing and watchable features for PlayStation and Xbox users. This game allows you some functionality like customization of your avatar, option of cornerstone and club world and classes functionality.

12. Lego Worlds

So, we reach the last option of games like Minecraft online. Lego Worlds contains single player and multiplayer options with the properties of a sandbox game. In this game, the player needs to build a world with some lego kind of bricks. The character can add and destroy the place and fight with others. There are many conditions and fights which make gamer’s very happy.


So, guys You got your best games like minecraft and now you are enjoying it. Please share this content and comment for more option if you need and dont forget to like this blog.

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