How to Find the Right Role for You in Digital Marketing

Have you always liked the idea of working online? Are you looking for a field that allows you to use your creativity and communication skills? Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry that attracts many talented people with a wide range of skills, including writing, design, data analysis, and not only. There are plenty of jobs available, and the opportunity for growth is immense.

Are you interested in forging a career in digital marketing? Read on to learn how to find the right role for you in this thriving industry.

Reflect on Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Our first tip is to reflect on your identity, personality, and innate potential. This tip may be general, but it’s valid nonetheless. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is essential when making big career decisions. Although people are highly adaptable, we all prefer work that plays into our core personality traits. What are the things you are best at effortlessly: solving conflicts, coming up with innovative ideas, or motivating people?

Self-reflection can be a real challenge because sometimes we are unaware of our behavioral patterns or cognitive processes. This is why many career counselors rely on psychometric tests and questionnaires to help people make good career choices. Do you see yourself as a born leader? Reading about ENFJ characters can lead to many illuminating insights.

Understanding your strengths will help you determine what position in digital marketing is the best match for you. Are you born to be a content creator, strategist, or team leader?

Read Job Descriptions

Another excellent way to gauge your compatibility with a specific professional role is to read job ads carefully. What are the requirements for each position? Since digital marketing is a relatively new industry, many job descriptions may seem impenetrable to the average person. What does an SEO specialist do? What about a market research analyst? The better you understand the demands of each role, the easier it will be to determine the best match.

There are also many acronyms floating around: PPC (pay-per-click), SERP (search engine results page), CTR (click-through rate), CMS (content management system), CRO (conversion rate optimization), and several others. Make sure you understand each of them correctly. Thus, you will form a realistic idea about each digital marketing role.

Start From What You Know

Developing new skills can be a time-consuming process. The best way to make it easier is to identify your current skills and build on them instead of starting from scratch in a completely unrelated domain. Starting from what you know and adapting your knowledge to fit the demands of the digital marketing industry is the best overall approach for finding job satisfaction. If you have management skills, work towards becoming a community manager. If you have design skills, focus on content creation.

Find a job in digital marketing where you can utilize your current skillset and slowly transition to a position that best suits your long-term goals.


Follow our tips to find a job you’ll love in a fast-growing industry.


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