The Best Legal Software for Paralegals in 2021

There is so much to being a paralegal than you hear most people say. For starters, paralegals need legal software just as much as lawyers. This is because the legal industry is a business, and efficiency and productivity are vital. As a paralegal in a law firm, the right kind of software can enhance your ability to manage more cases and allow your boss to see you as efficient.

Legal Software for Paralegals

In the legal arena, there are lots of software that are competing for dominance. This is why paralegals have to have a vast knowledge of various kinds of software to select the best. Therefore, either you are just starting as a paralegal, or you are an experienced paralegal, these are the best legal software for you in 2021

Top eight legal software solutions for paralegals in 2021

1.    Loio

Loio is easily one of the best software solutions for paralegals. This legal document automation software makes the work of every paralegal simple because it makes editing of documents, proofreading, changing styles of documents, and reformatting seamless. That’s not all; it also makes numbering and referencing of documents very easy. As a paralegal in 2021, this is just the legal software you need to make a compilation of error-free legal documents easy. They also give a quick start and free trial for all new users, so it’s a great option to try.


2.    Bill4Time

In the legal field, the popular catch-phrase, “time is money” is held in high esteem. In fact, as a paralegal, most of one’s workday must be well accounted for. This software specializes in tracking billable hours. Although the software is easy to use, you must remember the toggle when you change tasks. This might be a herculean task for a paralegal that is just starting.

3.    LegalEdge

As a paralegal, if you’re looking for software that can help you to manage cases, particularly criminal defense cases, this is the best software for you. The software boasts of aggressive pricing and simplicity of use. This is why it is a go-to-tool for prosecutors and defenders alike. This software also provides information about court systems and the police.

4.    Microsoft Office

I’m sure you weren’t expecting to see Microsoft office here. Well, Microsoft Office is a quintessential tool for the success of any paralegal. Knowing your way around the various packages that Microsoft office offers can be a deciding factor between being regarded as efficient or redundant by your boss. Microsoft office has lots of applications such as Microsoft Word, among others which is compatible with editing and proofreading plug-ins, such as Grammarly to make one’s work error-free and easy. Get acquainted with Microsoft office today!

5.    Time Matters

Time Matters is one of the oldest and most efficient software that comes in handy for paralegals. It is well-established and has some fantastic features. That’s not all; you can customize it to fit your specifications. Although mastering the usage takes time, nevertheless, it remains a reliable software for paralegals.

6.    Clio

This software is cloud-based and is one of the easiest to use. The software boasts a colorful and easy way to navigate the interface. It also has features such as billing and assembling of documents among others.

7.    HoudiniEsq

HoudiniEsq is famed for being able to fit in with other software your firm uses. What it does is that it plugs into any software such as Google Doc or Outlook and integrates information from it. By this, your work becomes seamless. This software also is available on phones enabling you to work on the go!

8.    LexisNexis

Although LexisNexis cannot be installed on one’s computer as it is cloud-based, this excellent database of legal data has lots of case laws and other information that you can mine through. This software makes the sometimes herculean task of in-depth research as a paralegal very easy.

There you have it; the top eight software solutions for paralegals in 2021. Using this legal document automation software is bound to make your work as a paralegal seamless, both in the office and on-the-go. Do you know of any helpful software? Let us know, we’d love to try them out!


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